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Image of Obalis
Title <Grand Master Pet Tamer>
Gender Male
Race Tol'vir (Humanoid)
Level 85
Health 77,490
Location Vir'naal Dam, Uldum [56.6, 42]
Status Alive

Obalis is a grand master Pet Tamer located on top of the Vir'naal Dam in Uldum. He is surrounded by his three level 25 elite battle pets: Pyth, Spring, and Clatter.

Defeating him is required to complete the [Taming Cataclysm] achievement.


Critter Clatter
Beast Pyth
[Poison Fang]
[Vicious Fang]
Flying Spring
[Cocoon Strike]
[Moth Dust]
[Slicing Wind]



Generations of your people have passed as I've prepared for this day.


  • He appears to be one of the few remaining stone tol'vir that did not fall to the curse of the flesh.[citation needed] 

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