Oculeth Ex Machina

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NeutralOculeth Ex Machina

110 (Requires 110)




9g 70s


N [110] Mouths to Feed


N [110] Unbeleyvable


Speak with Oculeth and teleport to Azsuna.

  • Speak with Oculeth


I have a plan to feed Shal'Aran.

Now that I am no longer starving for mana I have had time to study ley lines in new regions. I detected an eddy of mana in the ley lines of Azsuna. I have plenty of magic at my disposal, but we must visit the ley line in person in order to properly redirect the energy to Shal'Aran.

Oculeth has graciously offered to teleport us there, but I could use an assistant. Care to join me?


You will receive: 9g 70s


That was a little terrifying. Sometimes I am not entirely sure that Oculeth knows what he is doing.



Talk to Oculeth.

Ready to go, <name>? I always love teleporting to a new place!

Gossip Let's go!

Chief Telemancer Oculeth says: Next stop, sunny Azsuna! At least... it was sunny last time I checked. Which was only a few thousand years ago.
Chief Telemancer Oculeth says: There we are! I am more or less locked on to the location you requested. Off you go!
Arcanist Valtrois says: Wait... What are you--

You and Valtrois appear inside a cave in the Ley-Ruins of Zarkhenar.

On complete, an old friend approaches!

Stellagosa says: You sought to hide, Nightfallen? I could sense your teleportation signatures from Azurewing!
Arcanist Valtrois says: Wait! This isn't what it looks like! We simply need to tap the... Oh. I guess it is what it looks like...
Stellagosa says: Our champion's presence is the only thing staying my hand. Speak quickly.


  1. N [110] Insurrection: Crafting War (optional}
  2. N [110] Feeding the Rebellion
  3. A [110] Tyrande's Command / H [110] Liadrin's Command
    • Side quest: N [110] Noressa
    • Side chain:
    1. N [110] Mouths to Feed
    2. N [110] Oculeth Ex Machina
    3. N [110] Unbeleyvable
    4. N [110] The Art of Flow
    5. N [110] A Dance With Dragons
  4. B [110] Trolling Them & N [110] Something's Not Quite Right...
  5. B [110] Arming the Rebels
  6. N [110] Citizens' Army & N [110] Learning From the Dead & N [110] We Need Weapons
  7. N [110] Trial by Demonfire

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