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NeutralOff To Adventure!

98 - 110 (Requires 98)




1g 54s


N Monk [98 - 110] The Legend of the Sands


N Monk [98 - 110] Thunder on the Sands


Meet with Li Li in Ramkahen.

  • Meet With Li Li in Ramkahen
  • (Optional) Ride Li Li's kite to Ramkahen


Oh I'd love to go see if that story is true! But Pops is too busy stuffing his gut and being a grouch to let me go do any real exploring. He even told me that I can't leave the village unless I have a guardian!

Is Pops for real? I can protect myself just fine!

Say, would you be my guardian? Please, get me away from this boredom and you will totally be my hero!


You will receive: 1g 54s


Hey there, <name>. What took you so long?

While you were traveling the long way I've been doing some research of my own. King Phaoris offered to help us as long as we can take care of a problem for him.

I'm sure you'll be able to handle whatever it is.



On accept:

Li Li turns to face her father Chon Po.
Li Li Stormstout says: Okay, Pop. It's been... it's been something. I need to get on with my travels.
Chon Po Stormstout scowls.
Chon Po Stormstout says: Li Li, I told you I don't want you going off on your own again.
Li Li Stormstout says: I thought you might say that... Look, I have a guardian, and it's even the master of the monks. I'll be fine!
Chon Po Stormstout says: Clearly nothing I say is going to change your mind. Fine, go on your adventure. Just come back to me unharmed.
Li Li Stormstout says: Yay! Okay <name>, let's go!
Li Li walks outside the inn, stopping by a kite.
Li Li Stormstout says: My friend Mr. Crane can fly me to Uldum. Here, you can use my kite to follow us.
Li Li calls on a crane that is, not surprisingly, called Crane.
Li Li Stormstout says: Okay, Mr. Crane. Here's two juicy fish if you take me to Uldum.
Li Li feeds the fish then hops on the approving crane.
Li Li Stormstout says: No, you get one now and one when we get there. No complaining!
Li Li flies off.

Use the nearby kite to quickly get to Ramkahen. Once you've arrived, enter the building.

Li Li Stormstout says: This is so cool.

Upon completion:

King Phaoris says: Welcome to my lands, <race>. The little one told me you seek information on the legend of Irmaat.


Original questline

Level 98
  1. N Monk [98 - 110] Before the Storm
  2. N Monk [98 - 110] The Dawning Light
  3. N Monk [98 - 110] Prepare To Strike
  4. Acquire the chosen artifact:
  5. N Monk [98 - 110] Purity of Form
  6. N Monk [98 - 110] A Matter of Planning
  7. N Monk [98 - 110] The Fight Begins
Level 101
  1. N Monk [101 - 110] Growing Power
  2. N Monk [101 - 110] Rise, Champions
  3. Complete all of:
  4. N Monk [101 - 110] Tianji of the Ox
  5. N Monk [101 - 110] Building Our Troops
  6. N Monk [101 - 110] Scrolls of Knowledge
  7. N Monk [101 - 110] Tech It Up A Notch
  8. N Monk [101 - 110] Report from Tian Monastery
Level 102
  1. N Monk [102 - 110] Two Paths, Two Weapons
  2. N Monk [102 - 110] Three Paths, Three Weapons
Level 103
  1. Complete all of:
  2. N Monk [103 - 110] The Hand of Keletress
  3. N Monk [103 - 110] Rebuilding the Order
  4. Optional quests:
  5. Complete all of:
Level 110
  1. N Monk [110] The Iron Fist
  2. N Monk [110] The Master of Swords
  3. Complete all of:
  4. N Monk [110] Brick By Brick
  5. Complete all of:
  6. N Monk [110] The Mead Master
  7. N Monk [110] Stolen Knowledge
  8. Complete all of:
  9. N Monk [110] Impending Danger
  10. N Monk [110] Storm Brew
  11. N Monk [110] A Hero's Weapon

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