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Main leader
Base of operations

Ogri'la Tabard.png

"We ogres are not all bad."
Mog'dorg the Wizened

Ogri'la is a faction of ogres introduced in The Burning Crusade, located in the Blade's Edge Mountains in Outland. Unlike most of the other ogres in the zone, the Ogri'la are peaceful and willing to cooperate with other races, in the hope of helping their more brutish kin in the dry and dusty valleys below their sanctuary.


Ogri'la is a community of Blade's Edge ogres who have transcended their brutish nature — and the domination by the gronn — to achieve enlightenment, aided by the powerful influence of the Apexis Crystals. The ogres are in battle with the forces of the Burning Legion, seeking to claim the Apexis Crystals for themselves, and the black dragonflight. The ogres are aided by the Sha'tari Skyguard and by adventurers who overthrew Gruul the Dragonkiller's sons, ending their control over the ogre clans of Blade's Edge.

Other ogres mention Ogri'la as a sort of promised land. For example, if you attack and kill the common ogres in Blade's Edge Mountains after becoming king or queen of the ogres, they will say various phrases referencing Ogri'la upon death.

  • "[King/Queen] think... there really is... an Ogri'la?"
  • "Me go to... Ogri'la."
Cataclysm This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.

When Azeroth was struck by the Cataclysm, the ogre Mog'dorg the Wizened left Outland in order to lend a hand, as seen in the quest N [85 Daily] The Protectors of Hyjal, where Mog'dorg the Wizened is one of several NPCs who may help the player. In the quest, he utters the following lines, indicating that the ogres of Ogri'la may not have forgotten how the people of Azeroth aided them in their own time of need:

  • "I heard Azeroth needed saving. May I lend a hand?"
  • "We ogres are not all bad."
  • "You have the support of Ogri'la."
  • "We are friends of the world you call Azeroth. I am happy to provide any assistance that I can."
  • "It is time that I returned to Ogri'la. I hope you do not forget about us, as we have not forgotten you."

Patch info

"The Ogre plateau of enlightenment opens to those who prove their worth in Blade's Edge Mountains. Level 70 players will be able to help the Ogres of Ogri'la battle invading forces and engage in new and exciting quests, such as a repeatable and ever popular bombing-run, this time using your own flying mount but with a dangerous twist! Featuring tons of new quests, the Ogri'la faction, 5-person bosses, and rare and epic items, Ogri'la is a place we're hoping all will aspire to enter." (World of Warcraft Under-Development Page, for patch 2.1.0)


Ogri'la is situated on a plateau near the western edge of the Blade's Edge Mountains, west of Sylvanaar, and between Forge Camp Terror and Forge Camp Wrath. It is only accessible by a flying mount or flight form. (Players can also access the plateau after having honored reputation with the Sha'tari Skyguard via the transportation between Terokkar Forest and Blade's Edge, but players still need to be able to fly to access the Skyguard camp near Skettis.)



Players start out Neutral with Ogri'la.

Neutral Friendly Honored Revered Exalted Rep Notes
N [70 Daily] The Relic's Emanation
350 First time also yields +250 Sha'tari Skyguard reputation
350 Also yields +350 Sha'tari Skyguard reputation
500 Also yields +500 Sha'tari Skyguard reputation
350 First time also yields +350 Sha'tari Skyguard reputation

Ogri'la Comments

At Revered, the ogres will greet and praise the player (similar to the Sha'tari Skyguard). The ogres will also wave, bow, dance, cheer, or roar if the player is nearby. Gahk will also say a few of his own, in Low Common.

  • The crystals sing a sweeter song when <name> is around.
  • Three cheers for <name>!
  • <Name>! The crystals sing your praises!
  • It's <name>, mighty <class> and <brother/sister> to ogres everywhere!
  • We hear that the dragons tremble in fear at the mere mention of <name>.
  • Hey look, it's <name>!
  • <Name>, how are you?
  • <Name>, how are you today?
  • The gronn… the Legion… is there nothing you can't handle, <name>?
  • Thank you for helping us, <name>.
  • We heard that <name> single-handedly took out a forge camp!
  • We are honored by your presence, little <brother/sister> <name>.
  • <Name>, how many hundreds of demons have you banished?
  • If it weren't for <name>, where would we be now?
  • <Name>, <king/queen> of the ogres, is here!
  • You could all learn a lot from <name>!
  • Now that <name> is here, we won't need to worry about the Burning Legion any longer.
  • We owe you a debt of gratitude <name>.
  • <Name> is our hero!
  • We heard that <name> figured out how to use the apexis relics and monuments!
  • We still stand here only because of <name>'s help.
  • Truly <name> has been enlightened by the crystals.
  • We hope you're staying for a while, <name>. Stop by later and we'll catch up on old times.


  • How <name> today?
  • Gahk like <name>!
  • <Name> take out forge camp all by <himself/herself>!
  • Da crystals sing da perdy song when little <name> here.
  • Gahk hear dat <name> know how use da apexis relics!
  • <Name>, <king/queen> of da ogres here!
  • We glad, little <brother/sister> <name> here.


Note that all faction items require Apexis Shards while the rare and epic items also require Apexis Crystal (item)s. Apexis Shards are gathered from the environment, looted from mobs, and received as rewards for most daily quests in the zone. Apexis Crystals drop from the summoned dragons and demons in the zone; they are elite mobs requiring 35 shards to summon and recommend having 5 players to defeat.

Reaching Exalted reputation within Ogri'la awards the achievement [A Quest a Day Keeps the Ogres at Bay].

Reputation rewards

Faction items sold by Jho'nass:

<Ogri'la Quartermaster>
Rep Item Cost Type
   [Crystal Healing Potion] 50 Apexis Shard 40s Potion
 [Crystal Mana Potion] 50 Apexis Shard 40s Potion
Honored  [Blue Ogre Brew] 3 Apexis Shard Potion
 [Red Ogre Brew] 2 Apexis Shard Potion
Revered  [Apexis Cloak] 1 Apexis Crystal50 Apexis Shard Cloak
 [Crystalforged Trinket] 1 Apexis Crystal50 Apexis Shard Trinket
 [Ogri'la Aegis] 1 Apexis Crystal50 Apexis Shard Shield
 [Cerulean Crystal Rod] 1 Apexis Crystal50 Apexis Shard Wand
Exalted  [Crystalline Crossbow] 4 Apexis Crystal100 Apexis Shard Crossbow
 [Crystal Orb of Enlightenment] 4 Apexis Crystal100 Apexis Shard Off-hand
 [Shard-Bound Bracers] 4 Apexis Crystal100 Apexis Shard Leather
 [Vortex Walking Boots] 4 Apexis Crystal100 Apexis Shard Plate
 [Ogri'la Tabard] 10 Apexis Shard Tabard

"Depleted" items

"Depleted" items will sometimes drop from mobs and the Shartuul event. These items, when combined with 50 Apexis Shards, gain sockets, stats, or effects. The upgraded items are all bind on equip, so they can be traded or sold to other players. Note that the depleted items, though many already have stats, cannot be equipped.

Depleted Item Result
[Depleted Cloth Bracers] [Crystalweave Bracers]
[Depleted Mail Gauntlets] [Crystalhide Handwraps]
[Depleted Badge] [Badge of Tenacity]
[Depleted Cloak] [Crystalweave Cape]
[Depleted Dagger] [Crystal-Infused Shiv]
[Depleted Mace] [Apexis Crystal Mace]
[Depleted Ring] [Dreamcrystal Band]
[Depleted Staff] [Flaming Quartz Staff]
[Depleted Sword] [Crystalforged Sword]
[Depleted Two-Handed Axe] [Apexis Cleaver]

Other rewards

Gathering a scale from each of the dragons, (Rivendark, Obsidia, Furywing, and Insidion), allows you to create a [Deathwing Brood Cloak]. This is a bind on pickup rare cloak with a random suffix, with stats in the "+27 stamina and +18 to two other attributes" range. If you get a suffix that you're not interested in, you may trade in your cloak for an  [Apexis Crystal] at the Skyguard Outpost. Trading in your cloak does not yield reputation.

NOTE: Remember, when you are interested more in the money than the Deathwing Brood Cloak or Apexis Crystals, sell this cloak to a vendor instead of trading it for an Apexis Crystal. The cloak will vendor for 2g 57s 75c, while the 140 shards would value at 2g 10s, and trading in for a crystal is Apexis Crystal 80s 50c.

Completing A Special Thank You rewards an [Ogri'la Care Package] which can contain:

Apexis Shard and Crystal values

If none of these Reward Items are useful to your character, you can always use the Apexis Shards and Apexis Crystals you receive to make some money by checking out the following information.

Apexis Shard value is 1s 50c each when used for buying the Crystal Healing Potion and the Crystal Mana Potion. For all the other vendor rewards items (Honored, Revered, and Exalted), the Apexis Shard value is 2s 30c each and the Apexis Crystals are valued at 80s 50c across the board.

Once you are past the Friendly Reputation for Orgi'la it doesn't matter which reputation reward you choose from the Honored, Revered, and Exalted items as all shards are valued at 2s 30c and all crystals are valued at 80s 50c. Just pick any item and go sell it to the nearest vendor.

If you find any depleted items, use your shards to combine with all those items because they raise the shard values to anywhere in between 4s 13.98c and 22s 29.96c each when crafted and sold to vendors. As an added bonus all the items that you craft when combined with Apexis Shards are 'Bind on Equip' so they can potentially be sold on the Auction Houses as well. The only exception is [Depleted Crystal Focus] as it creates a [Charged Crystal Focus] which is a special item and has no sell price at all.


Getting to Neutral

To start obtaining Ogri'la reputation, one must first finish a chain of quests starting in the lower city of Shattrath leading to Mog'dorg the Wizened in Blades Edge Mountains.




Bash'ir Landing Raid

Main article: Bash'ir Landing Raid

Once every two hours, a group of Skyguard will launch an attack from the Skyguard base at Ogri'la to Bash'ir Landing. Three waves of attackers will spawn and attack the Skyguard NPCs, each wave stronger than the previous. If the Skyguard NPCs are killed the event is over. At the end of each wave a boss has to be defeated. Once he is defeated a NPC vendor will spawn with rare items. Three different vendors are available, each with better items like flasks and unique gems. These can only be bought with Apexis Shards.

The waves of mobs get stronger fast. The first phase will require about three people to beat, the second phase can not be done without a Karazhan-size raid force and the last phase needs a full 25 man raid group to beat.


How long will it take?

Doing nothing but the repeatable daily quests, it will take you about 30 days to max out your Ogri'la reputation from Neutral. This does factor in the quests needed to unlock the dailies, and the fact that you can do the dailies twice the first time. The group quests are not included in these calculations, so doing those will lower the time required.

Note: The quest N [70] Wrangle Some Aether Rays! (along with other such quests that require weakening mobs) is problematic to do at high level due to the increased damage such players are capable of. There are a number of ways to complete the quest: 1) find someone else of the appropriate level to weaken the mobs for you; 2) suicide by dropping from high in the air, and taking the Spirit Healer's rez sickness; 3) use an item such as the  [G91 Landshark] on the aether rays. This will bring them down to the weakened state with one shot, allowing you to wrangle them.

Just Daily Quests:


  • The concept of Ogri'la is based on the fictional valley of Shangri-La, which itself is based on the Buddhist myth of Shambhala. This concept seems to go beyond just the similar name, as other ogres seem to consider Ogri'la somewhat of a "promised land" (see above).
  • As ogre mages who have liberated themselves from the gronn and learned from arakkoa (or arakkoa artifacts, as the case may be), Ogri'la could be seen as a successor to the Gorian Empire.

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