Oh, Deer!

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NeutralOh, Deer!
Start Mylune [19.2, 37.9]
End Mylune [19.2, 37.9]
Level 81 (Requires 80)
Category Mount Hyjal
Experience 27700
Reputation +250 Guardians of Hyjal
Rewards  [Deer-Savior Leggings] or  [Salt-Lick Chestguard] or  [Cloak of Cheerful Flowers]
7g 80s
Previous N [81] Save the Wee Animals
Next N [81] Last Stand at Whistling Grove


Rescue three Injured Fawns from the Inferno and escort them back to Mylune at the Grove of Aessina.


Do you speak deer? It's all in the nose.

<She points to her nose.>

The does have fled the fires, but their little fawns - Some of them are still trapped in the burning and the hurt!

Go back into the Inferno and escort three injured fawns back to their mothers right here beside me.

Please save the little fawns, or I'll give you the big eyes!

<Her eyes grow big and dewy.>


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv pants leather cataclysm b 01.png [Deer-Savior Leggings] Inv chest mail 21.png [Salt-Lick Chestguard]
Inv misc cape cataclysm caster b 01.png [Cloak of Cheerful Flowers]

You will also receive: 7g 80s


Hurry! I can smell the smoke!


Oh yay! Happy little deer!

Now they can grow up and have ADVENTURES.

You're swell.


Mount up and clear a path between the entrance of the inferno and three deer. It is possible to snag all three deer in one run. Note that deer can't fly (they're not reindeer, after all), so either stay close to the ground or use a land mount when heading back to the grove. Also be warned that the enemies can target and kill the deer after they've been tagged!


  1. N [81] The Fires of Mount Hyjal (optional)
  2. Complete all of:
    • Demon
    1. N [81] If You're Not Against Us...
    2. N [81] Seeds of Their Demise
    3. N [81] A New Master
    4. N [81] The Name Never Spoken
    5. N [81] Black Heart of Flame
    6. N [81] Good News... and Bad News
    • Deer
    1. N [81] Save the Wee Animals
    2. N [81] Oh, Deer!
  3. N [81] Last Stand at Whistling Grove
  4. N [81] The Bears Up There

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