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Old Age and Treachery

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NeutralOld Age and Treachery
Soggy's Footlocker

90 (Requires 89)




11g 40s


N [90] Meet the Cap'n



Recover the charter from the Wreck of the Mist-Hopper.


Look, I ain't got reason to trust you, but there's a task I can't give to my crew.

I need you to search the wreck of our old ship, the Mist-Hopper, and bring back the charter. It'd be sealed up in a silver tube, in a footlocker below deck.

It's sort of, uh... incriminating. I can't risk any of the crew finding it if they decide to visit the ol' girl. She's resting on the Shelf of Mazu, to the west.

I'd suggest riding a rip current out there, if you got the stomach. They're all over the shelf.


You will receive: 11g 40s


To be honest, I hope a grouper ate the old charter.

Wait, then it might end up here anyway. Dang it!


That's the charter tube, alright. I guess you'd like to know what all the fuss is about, eh?

<Soggy lets out a long sigh as he un-caps the tube.>

Might as well get it over with.



Pick up N [90] Walking Dog, N [90] On the Crab, and N [90] Shark Week before heading out.

Out in the open water, summon Dog using  [Dog's Whistle]. Dog immediately turns around and offers N [90] Dog Food, so accept it.

The Silt Vents are on the northeast end of the Shelf of Mazu, almost due west from Soggy's Gamble.

Dog swims excitedly through the vents of warm water.

The Wreck of the Mist-Hopper is just southwest of the silt vents.

Dog rubs against the prow of the Mist-Hopper and whimpers.

On deck, forward, is Soggy's Footlocker. Loot the  [Sealed Charter Tube] out of it.

Finally, southwest, just offshore of Zan'vess, is the whale corpse.

Dog looks around cautiously before leaving his mark on the whale corpse.

Crab pots are all over the seafloor, and merely interacting with them is enough to get them up to the surface. Kill Longfin Threshers, loot their Thresher Jaws, and extract  [Thresher Teeth] from them, 22-30 at a time. Carefully. Last but not least, kill Rockshell Snapclaws so Dog can eat them.

On complete:

Captain "Soggy" Su-Dao says: What the...?! This ain't the charter! It's a letter. In Arie's handwriting?
Captain "Soggy" Su-Dao says: "Dear Soggy, if you are reading this it means you finally worked up the guts to send someone after the old charter. Well, you're too late."
Captain "Soggy" Su-Dao says: "We know the Mist-Hopper wasn't hired to venture this far beyond the wall. We know it was supposed to be a routine job off the coast of Jade Forest."
Captain "Soggy" Su-Dao says: "What should have been a week of easy fishing turned into a wild misadventure that ran us aground in the most dangerous place on the continent and nearly got us all killed, because you couldn't stop chasing your hunches."
Captain "Soggy" Su-Dao says: We just wanted to say: Thank you."
Captain "Soggy" Su-Dao says: "Thank you for chasing fortune on the distant horizon. Thank you for dreaming. And most of all, thank you for bringing us along."
Captain "Soggy" Su-Dao says: "We'll always be your crew, Soggy. Ship or no ship. We'd follow you anywhere."
Captain "Soggy" Su-Dao says: "Sincerely, all of us. Even Dog."
Captain "Soggy" Su-Dao says: Wow...
Captain "Soggy" Su-Dao says: Would you excuse me for a moment, <name>? I've, uh... I've got somethin' in both my eyes.


Optional breadcrumb: N [90] Gambling Problem

  1. N [90] Mazu's Breath
  2. N [90] Fresh Pots & N [90] You Otter Know
  3. N [90] Meet the Cap'n
  4. N [90] Walking Dog & N [90] Old Age and Treachery & N [90] On the Crab & N [90] Shark Week & N [90] Dog Food
  5. N [90] Reeltime Strategy
  6. N [90] The Mariner's Revenge
  7. N [90] Mazu's Bounty

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