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Old Allies

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HordeOld Allies

120 (Requires 120)




11g 70s



Meet with allies in the Cleft of Shadows.



Sylvanas was my Ranger-General. I have respected her for millennia. Making this choice is something I have been wrestling with for some time. Baine's death will tear the Horde apart. The Tauren will not stand for it and if they leave, I know they will not be the last.

We must save Baine. Not just for his life, but for the Horde. I can only hope once the time pressure is gone we may be able to reason with her but...

I have contacted allies who will help. Meet them in the Cleft of Shadows.

Against Sylvanas

Sylvanas Windrunner was once my ranger-general. Now she is my warchief. Through peacetime and war, I followed her orders.

Until now.

Baine is an noble soul. His execution would drive a blade into the very heart of the Horde.

We must save him, <name>. It is the only way to preserve who we are. What we stand for.

I have reached out to allies who will help you. But in siding with them, you will put your own life in peril.

If you feel as I do, then meet them in the Cleft of Shadows. Good luck.


You will receive:

  • 11g 70s
  • 8,950 XP


Once again, we face dark times, <name>.



It is good to see you again, <name>. Quickly, Baine does not have much time.

Against Sylvanas

Your aid is welcome, <class>.

Baine has little time left.


Upon accept
Lor'themar Theron says: Baine Bloodhoof represents all that is best in the Horde. We cannot stand by and let his light be snuffed out.
Lor'themar Theron says: But know this: When the warchief learns of our defiance, her wrath will be swift... and terrible.
Lor'themar Theron says: In the end, we all must choose our path. And that choice will have consequences.
Approaching Dark Earth
Rokhan says: And take this. I have a feelin' ye be needin' it.
Rokhan says: You do what'chu gotta do. I be keeping an eye out for ya. Spirits be wit' ya mon.
Speaking with Thrall

Baine will be executed within hours. We must act now. Many will see this as treason. But if we fail to act, all the Horde stands for will be lost.

Gossip I am with you.


  1. H [120] Visions of Danger
  2. H [120] Old Allies
  3. H [120] Stay of Execution

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