Old Barracks

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The Old Barracks

The Old Barracks appears to have been part of the Park in Stormwind City, which was destroyed by Deathwing. The Old Barracks was displayed as the subzone when in any part of the former Park. It was involved in the quest A [84] The Old Barracks.

The only NPC found here aside from the occasional Stormwind Guard was Caretaker Folsom. Upon reaching the area, Janey Anship would say, "The Park's been ruined... we'll have to go another way, today. Miserable dragon!"

Before the Cataclysm, the Old Barracks was a much smaller, inaccessible, blue-roofed building that lacked towers. It was located behind the Park, and was added with Stormwind Harbor. In a sense, it was never old. After patch 7.0.3, this building was demolished and Lion's Rest was built over it.


View from the Old Barracks

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