Old Hatreds (WC3 Orc)

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Old Hatreds
Old Hatreds (WC3 Orc)
Conflict: The Founding of Durotar
Place: Dustwallow Marsh, Mulgore, Theramore Isle, The Barrens, Outland
Commanders and leaders
Casualties and losses
  • Moderate
  • Very heavy
  • Heavy
This article or section contains lore taken from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, the manuals, and/or official bonus maps.

Old Hatreds is the second act of the The Founding of Durotar campaign.

In it, Rexxar accompanied by Rokhan and Chen Stormstout, gathers the allies of the Horde for their final confrontation with the forces of Kul Tiras.


Beside the main map of the region in the Barrens, the second act consists of nine different submaps:

Loading screen

The light breeze brings the smell of the sea over Dustwallow Marsh. The Darkspear tribe has set up its new village here, just as the tauren founded their new home in nearby Mulgore when they freed themselves from the oppressive grasp of the centaur.


Act Intro

BTNWitchDoctor.png Vol'jin: Greetings, mon. My tribe be honored by your visit, though I know you got big matters to be attendin' to. Sneaking onto Theramore Isle be no easy task. Luckily, there be one who can help you. He waits for you at the shipyard. To reach him, follow the road out of town.
BTNWitchDoctor.png Vol'jin: We heard reports that the human fleet patrols the channel between the mainland and Theramore Isle. Be wary, mon. They could stand between you and the sorceress you seek.

Main Quests

Infiltrate Theramore

BTNHeroBlademaster.png Samuro: Throm-ka, brother. I am Samuro. My humble skills are yours. Vol'jin entrusted me with a batch of explosive wards filled with an unstable concoction. If I can place them on critical structures, I could create enough of a distraction to allow you to sneak across the channel in this boat.

BTNHeroBlademaster.png Samuro: I am ready to try again. They won't even see me coming this time.

IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: Jaina Proudmoore, I am Rexxar. I bear a message from Warchief Thrall--the same warchief you tried to kill. He is curious as to why your warriors encroach on our lands and threaten us with war.
IconSmall Jaina.gif Jaina Proudmoore: What are you talking about? I do not seek Thrall's death, nor do I have any intention of betraying the pact we made.
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: Perhaps. But the fact remains that your ships and your warriors have been raiding our encampments on the mainland. I had to bypass a large encampment just to reach you.
IconSmall Jaina.gif Jaina Proudmoore: I assure you, I ordered no such attacks. Lead me to these troops, Rexxar. I want to see them for myself.
IconSmall Jaina.gif Jaina Proudmoore: Rexxar, those don't look like humans to me.
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: Those snake creatures--they must have destroyed the camp and slaughtered your brethren!

Human Survivors

IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: The serpents' lair must be around here somewhere. If we can find the human survivors, we'll confirm whether or not they serve your cause.

IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: We're too late. The serpents already killed them all.
IconSmall Jaina.gif Jaina Proudmoore: Wait. This one's still alive!
BTNFootman.png Footman: Mistress Jaina? We've found you... at last! The admiral... will be... overjoyed.
IconSmall Jaina.gif Jaina Proudmoore: Is it even possible? We've got to get back to Theramore immediately.
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: But what--
IconSmall Jaina.gif Jaina Proudmoore: Just trust me, Rexxar. I'll explain when we get there.

IconSmall Jaina.gif Jaina Proudmoore: Hopefully we made it in time. You've got to get word back to Thrall that--
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: I don't understand. What's this all about?
IconSmall Jaina.gif Jaina Proudmoore: Those marines... I know who they are, Rexxar. They're--
Bell rings to signal ships that have made landing.
IconSmall Jaina.gif Jaina Proudmoore: It's too late. He's here.
The admiral's marines make dock and unload the men and himself onto Theramore Isle. Gate opens to reveal the admiral's appearance to Jaina.
IconSmall Proudmoore.gif Grand Admiral Proudmoore: Jaina. Bless the stars, I found you at last! When I heard Lordaeron fell, I despaired. But I knew you'd find a way to escape. I... what is this? An ogre?
IconSmall Jaina.gif Jaina Proudmoore: Father, wait!
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: Father?
IconSmall Jaina.gif Jaina Proudmoore: The Horde are no longer our enemy! The orcs have their own kingdom now. We--
IconSmall Proudmoore.gif Grand Admiral Proudmoore: You have always been naive, my daughter. You aren't old enough to remember what these monsters did to our homeland. The orcs and their kin cannot be trusted. They must be exterminated like the mongrels they are!
IconSmall Jaina.gif Jaina Proudmoore: I won't let you do it, father. You don't understand!
IconSmall Proudmoore.gif Grand Admiral Proudmoore: I understand more than you suspect, my dear. Perhaps in time, you will too. Seize them all!

Escape Theramore

IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: I've got to get out of here and warn Thrall about Admiral Proudmoore. There are a number of small ships in the harbor. If I can commandeer one, I should be able to reach the open seas unnoticed.

IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: This should do nicely. Now all I have to worry about are the harbor gates.
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: Proudmoore's marines have closed the harbor gates. I'll need to bust them open before I can escape. If I can make it to the open seas, I should have no problem reaching the mainland.

BTNWitchDoctor.png Vol'jin: I'm glad you escaped, Rexxar. And don't worry--we'll send word to Thrall about the admiral's fleet. If that human's planning on attacking Durotar, he'll find the warriors of the Horde ready to greet him.
BTNWitchDoctor.png Vol'jin: It be takin' the warchief some time to amass the Horde's warriors. You gotta gather what allies you can find before the admiral makes his move against Durotar.
BTNWitchDoctor.png Vol'jin: Take this zeppelin and travel to Mulgore. The mighty tauren who be livin' there will lend what help they can. Seek out the chieftain, Cairne Bloodhoof. He will honor his oath to the warchief.

Enlist the Tauren

IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: This beautiful land must be Mulgore. I have never met a tauren before, but their strength and courage are legendary.

IconSmall Cairne.gif Cairne Bloodhoof: Who are you, traveler? Why have you come here?
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: I come in the name of Thrall, warchief of the Horde. His lands are in danger, and he calls upon his old allies to aid him. I seek the one known as Cairne. Do you know him?
IconSmall Cairne.gif Cairne Bloodhoof: I am Cairne, but I can be of help to no one. Return to your warchief and tell him that I am dead... just as my heart is dead.
BTNTauren.png Tagar: The barbarous centaur attacked our village recently. Our chieftain's only son--Baine, was taken captive. The centaur are cannibals and do not keep prisoners for long. We searched everywhere for a sign that Baine was still alive, but we found no trace of him.
BTNTauren.png Tagar: Poor Cairne has been lethargic for some time. Without his wisdom and leadership, I fear that the centaur will decimate our tribe. Perhaps if you could find some clue as to his son's fate, it might rouse the chieftain from his stupor?
BTNTauren.png Tagar: Find Bovan Windtotem out on the plains. He and his brethren will aid you in your search.

BTNWitchDoctor.png Vol'jin: You returned just in time, Rexxar. Our scouts found this wounded ogre near the borderlands. Despite his wounds, he came all the way here, seeking help.
IconSmall OgreMage.gif Ogre: Must help. New warlord... conquer clan. Killed many warriors... lead clan to ruin. Brothers not survive. Me... seek help.
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: New warlord, huh? Don't worry, friend. I think I can help you. Have your witch doctors tend to his wounds, Vol'jin. I'm going to pay a little visit to his clan, and meet this new warlord for myself.

Rescue Cairne's Son

IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: Greetings, brother Windtotem. I was told you could help me locate Chieftain Bloodhoof's son. There my still be a chance that the boy lives, but we'll need to find the centaur encampment as quickly as possible.
BTNSpiritWalker.png Bovan Windtotem: I see.
Bovan walks towards the well.
BTNSpiritWalker.png Bovan Windtotem: I dreamed of this...
The pool shows where's Baine is being held captive.
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: That's the centaur encampment. They could be keeping Baine in one of those cages, but we'll have to fight our way to them.

IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: Don't worry, Baine. We'll have you back to your father in no time.

IconSmall Cairne.gif Cairne Bloodhoof: Baine, my son, I thought I'd lost you forever! I was an old fool to despair. Rexxar, by returning my son to me, you have given me new life. For that I will ever be grateful.
IconSmall Cairne.gif Cairne Bloodhoof: Now, you said your warchief was in trouble--that the Horde needed the tauren once again. Well, Thrall did much for us in his time, and we will not fail him. My warriors will rendezvous with the warchief upon the battlefield, but I will be returning with you.

Enlist the Ogres

IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: This must be the ogre's village. I should fit right in.
IconSmall Ogre Male.gif Ogre: You no welcome, halfbreed. You no Stonemaul warrior!
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: Look, I don't want any trouble. I just want to talk with your warlord.
IconSmall Ogre Male.gif Ogre: You want talk Kor'gall, you get past us!

IconSmall Ogre Male.gif Kor'gall: You fight good, halfbreed. You Mok'Nathal--have weak orc blood in veins. Still, you strong. Why you come here?
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: I've... come to join your clan. I want to be a Stonemaul, too.
IconSmall Ogre Male.gif Kor'gall: You got some ogre blood. You got right to join... but do you got the strength? We see, halfbreed. We see.
IconSmall Ogre Male.gif Kor'gall: So, you want join the Stonemaul clan? First, you take Trial of Strength. Need find the Gauntlet--harsh valley full of big foes. Slay foes. Run the Gauntlet. That prove strength to us. Go now, halfbreed. We see if you return.

BTNWitchDoctor.png Vol'jin: You be tougher than I imagined, Rexxar. The ogres be a great help when the battle begins. We just got word that the warchief and his forces set up the command post in the central basin. The tauren and ogres you gathered goin' to be joining them soon.
BTNWitchDoctor.png Vol'jin: Check in with Thrall at his base. The battle 'gainst Admiral Proudmoore forces could start up at any time.

Trial of Strength

IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: This must be the valley Kor'gall spoke of. The Gauntlet, he called it. Well, I'd better get this over with. I'd hate to keep the brute waiting.

IconSmall Ogre Male.gif Kor'gall: You got strength after all, halfbreed. You worthy to be Stonemaul. Now you in, what you want from clan?
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: I want you and your warriors to help the Horde battle the humans. The Stonemaul clan would be a great asset to the orc warchief.
IconSmall Ogre Male.gif Kor'gall: Stupid halfbreed! We ogres split from Horde long ago. They weak--soft. We no owe them nothing! Long as I rule, Stonemauls no help no orcs!
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: Then perhaps you've ruled long enough.
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: Kor'gall, as a member of the Stonemaul clan, I claim the right to challenge you for leadership.
IconSmall Ogre Male.gif Kor'gall: Me had no real challenge in long time, halfbreed. Breaking you be fun. We both take Trial of Blood. Me and you. No tricks, no magic toys, just muscle and skill.
IconSmall Ogre Male.gif Kor'gall: You think me dumb. You think me slow. Now you see why Kor'gall rules clan!
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: I underestimated Kor'gall's skills. I'll need to call upon my beasts to defeat him.

Trial of Blood

IconSmall OgreMage2.gif Ogre: Rexxar! Rexxar! Rexxar!
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: I have defeated Kor'gall in single combat! I have passed the Trial of Blood! I rule Stonemaul clan now, and I command you all... to war! You ogres arm yourselves and meet the orc warchief upon the plains. Blood and glory to the Stonemaul clan!
IconSmall OgreMage2.gif Ogre: Rexxar! Rexxar!

First Blood

IconSmall Thrall.gif Thrall: Once again, you have done a great service, Rexxar. I am in your debt.
IconSmall Thrall.gif Thrall: If you're willing, there's one last thing I need before the hammer falls. We've crafted a new standard for Durotar--a mighty banner bearing the symbol of the Horde. I want to place a shamanistic blessing on it, but I require a few items to complete the spell. Would you gather them for me?
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: Of course, Thrall. I'd be proud to.

IconSmall Thrall.gif Thrall: Your efforts may have saved us all, Rexxar. The ogre and tauren conscripts you've rallied could turn the tide in our favor. Proudmoore's forces have established a stronghold due north on our position. Our scouts report that he's mobilized all of his standing forces for an attack on Durotar.
IconSmall Rokhan.gif Rokhan: Warchief, Admiral Proudmoore's forces have begun their advance! They'll be here any moment!
IconSmall Thrall.gif Thrall: Let them come. They'll find the Horde to be more than they bargained for. Rexxar, you've earned the honor of drawing first blood. I'll hold the defenses here, but I want you to lead the attack against Proudmoore's base.
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: Gladly. All right, you warriors--the hour of victory has arrived! Come, you tauren! Rise up, you ogres! Today, you stand united with the Horde! Lok-Tar Ogar!

Optional Quests

The Kodo Poachers

BTNTauren.png Tagar: With Cairne grieving as he is, many of our enemies have been gaining a foothold in our lands. The vicious harpies of the Stonetalon Mountains have been poaching our precious kodo herds.
BTNTauren.png Tagar: The kodos' meat and hides are essential to our survival, but the harpies slaughter the beasts and leave their carcasses to rot in the sun. It would be a great help if you would hunt the witches down and end their poaching once and for all.

IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: Rotting kodo husks. What a terrible waste. The harpies will pay for this sacrilege of nature!

BTNTauren.png Tagar: We are in your debt, warrior. The harpies will not trouble us again for many seasons. Still, I fear that without our chieftain's leadership, our tribe's prosperity will fade.

Standard of Durotar

IconSmall Thrall.gif Thrall: These are perfect, Rexxar. Just let me finish the spell.
Thrall finishes the spell to create the Standard of Durotar.
IconSmall Thrall.gif Thrall: There, the blessing is complete! One last thing, Rexxar--I want you to carry our standard into battle! I hereby name you... Champion of the Horde.
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: It... is a honor, Warchief. I will carry your standard with pride. Lok-Tar Ogar!

Closing Act

IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: Throm-Ka, Warchief. We've routed the human forces on the mainland, but it appears that Admiral Proudmoore and his marines have pulled back to the safety of Theramore Isle.
IconSmall Thrall.gif Thrall: I wish this was the end of it, Rexxar. But so long as Admiral Proudmoore lives, he'll never stop hounding us. We must press the attack and lay siege to Theramore itself.
IconSmall Thrall.gif Thrall: I only pray that Jaina is safe. She had nothing to do with her father's agenda, but unfortunately, invading her citadel is the only option we have left.

Unused quotes

BTNWitchDoctor.png Vol'jin: Haven't reached Theramore yet? You best be hurryin', warrior. You gotta deliver the message soon.
BTNWitchDoctor.png Vol'jin: Our ogre friend be recoverin' swiftly, Rexxar, but I thought you were heading out to his village? You'd best be hurryin'.
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: I've secured the first component, but I've got to hurry and get the others! Time is running out!
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: That's it. I've got all of them. I'd better get these back to Thrall quickly!
IconSmall Naga Male.gif Naga: More surface dwellers! Destroy them!
IconSmall Naga Male.gif Naga: You cannot stop the naga!
IconSmall Naga Male.gif Naga: Intruders! Slaughter them before they escape!
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: Strange. I don't see any human bodies strewn around.
IconSmall Jaina.gif Jaina Proudmoore: Yes, but these tracks lead out to sea. Look there–that tiny island!
IconSmall Jaina.gif Jaina Proudmoore: Well, we won't find any answers waiting around here. Let's move.
IconSmall Thrall.gif Thrall: You've got to hurry, Rexxar! I want our standard flying high when we meet the humans head-on!
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: Strike hard, warriors! Push the humans back!
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: Slay the intruders! Let none survive!
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: The human lines are breaking! Now is our time to strike!


  • Commentary from the designers in the game files suggest the unused dialogue was removed for implying time pressure when there are no actual time constraints.
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