Old Nefu

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NeutralOld Nefu
Image of Old Nefu
Gender Male
Race Highmountain tauren (Humanoid)
Level 100-110
Class Spirit walker[1]
Health 462,219
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Highmountain Tribe
Location Snowmane Village and Understone Breach, Highmountain [53.2, 69.4]
Status Deceased

Old Nefu is an elderly Highmountain tauren found inside a hut in Snowmane Village in Highmountain. He needs to be told to evacuate during N [100 - 110] Evacuate Snowmane, but stubbornly refuses to leave his home to the drogbar. This proves to be Nefu's undoing, as his lifeless body is later found next to the Understone Breach, which is created when Dargrul uses the  [Hammer of Khaz'goroth] to destroy Snowmane.

After his death, a memorial note for Nefu can be found at a shrine in Snowblind Mesa.


I am not leaving, child. And that is that. No underking is going to scare me out of MY home.
Gossip There is no time left. Run!
Fah! This is OUR mountain. Let the drogbar savages come. We have the power of the spirits, of this mountain. All they have are sticks and stones and anger.

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