Old Whitebark

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MobOld Whitebark
Image of Old Whitebark
Race Treant (Elemental)
Level 10
Health 260
Wealth 13c
Location Scorched Grove, Eversong Woods
Status Deceased

Old Whitebark is the elder and the leader of the treants of Eversong Woods.

In the past, he led his kind to help the blood elves in the area, and formed an alliance with them, helping them to rebuild a village. He first met Larianna Riverwind near the runestone, and she gave the treant elder a pendant. However, due to the growing threats that came from the Ghostlands to the south, the blood elves were forced to burn the forest to prevent the intrusion of the Scourge, which has caused the treants to turn against the blood elves. Sin'dorei adventurers killed him a delivered the pendant to Larianna. She sent them to bury the pendant near the runestone they met. When they did that, disturbed Whitebark's Spirit awoke from his slumber and attacked once more. After being defeated, he accepted loss.


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