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Were you looking for the Lunar Festival, outdoor raid boss encounter named Omen?

An AddOn that graphically displays relative threat (aggro) generated toward a particular target.

With patch 3.0, exact values for threat are available from the Blizzard API.

Since patch 3.0.2, Omen no longer does many of these things (threat extrapolation) and the need for a threat library is no longer necessary. Omen3 uses Blizzard's new in-built threat monitor to obtain exact values of every members threat. This means Omen3 has no need for synchronisation of data, combat log parsing or guessing, resulting in a significant increase in performance with regards to network traffic, CPU time and memory used. The implementation of boss modules for specific threat events (such as Nightbane wiping threat on landing) are also no longer necessary.


  • Fully configurable display, which allows you to change virtually all colors, textures, and sizes, letting you customize the meter to fit into your UI as you best see fit.
  • Class filtering, allowing you to ignore classes whose threat you aren't interested in.
  • Absolute threat, relative threat percentage, and threat-per-second (TPS) values
  • Aggro gain indicator to help you see when you might pull (or lose) aggro.
  • Pull-out threat bars that allow you to compare your threat level against a tank's threat level in single, easy-to-understand bar format. No more scanning a list of 25 people to ensure you stay below a tank - just pull off their bar from the main display and you can monitor your threat level versus theirs to ensure that you stay safe.
  • Optional display for threat values from KLH Threat Meter, so that even if your groupmates are not using Omen, you can still see approximate threat from them. Please be aware that as KTM is an aggregate meter and not aware of multiple targets, any values from it will be incorrect in any multi-mob encounter beyond the first mob.

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