Ominous Pamphlet

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For the Legion Invasions version, see  [Ominous Pamphlet].

Ominous Pamphlet is given by Validated Doomsayers in Dalaran after Argus appeared in the skies of Azeroth. The pamphlets are merely for flavor and are not tied to any specific achievement or mission.



The Kirin Tor has received reports of master magi selling portals to Outland as a way to escape the Legion. Most of these "masters" are actually apprentices looking for money to pay off student loans, and their portals are highly unstable.

Be aware that these improperly crafted portals can cause many unsettling effects. Come out on the other side, and you might find your body parts rearranged. Orifices in unexpected places. Noses growing out of belly buttons. Toe-hands and finger-feet. And those are the most benign side effects to expect.

If you see anyone selling portals to Outland, please avoid them.

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