Ominous Portents

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AllianceOminous Portents

94 (Requires 94)




Item level 538 rings



Compel the All-Seeing Eye.


Now that priestess Moonfang has created the blessed water, it is time to deal with the demon.

Take the water and the scripture of Elune.

Through the power of each, you will compel the demon to show us what the orcs are up to at Gul'var.

On accept

Archmage Khadgar says: Be careful. The demon will try to trick you.


You will receive one of:

Item level 538 rings
Inv jewelry ring 45.png [Blind Fel-Eye Ring] Inv jewelry ring 74.png [Fel-Blackened Ring]
Inv jewelry ring 37.png [Sanctified Fel-Wrap Ring]

You will also receive: 13g


The demon must be put to the test if we're to find out what's happening at Gul'var.


Gul'dan is there! We must move quickly to capture him.


  • 14250 XP


Walk up to the All-Seeing Eye:

All-Seeing Eye yells: Stay away from me with those things!
I can see the emptiness in your soul, <name>. In the end, it will be I who compels you!
Gossip Begin the compulsion of the All-Seeing Eye.

The vehicle UI pops up with two abilities:\#Vial of Moon Water — Douse the All-Seeing Eye with the blessed water of Elune, weakening its resolve.

  1. Scripture of Elune — Compel the All-Seeing Eye by reading from the scripture of Elune.

The game also pops up some hints:

Use the Vial of Moon Water to compel the All-Seeing Eye.
When the demon is weakened, read from the Scripture of Elune.

Start using the water:

  • All-Seeing Eye says: Lovely day for a compusion!
  • All-Seeing Eye says: I will eat your soul!
  • All-Seeing Eye says: Your ancestors will languish!
  • All-Seeing Eye says: I'll show you nothing!
  • All-Seeing Eye says: It burns!

After a few water douses, the Scripture of Elune button will light up. Use it:

  • <Name> says: Elune's radiance grant me strength!
  • <Name> says: Bask in... the light of Elune... and... reveal all, demon!
  • <Name> says: The power of Elune compels you!

After the scripture reading:

  • All-Seeing Eye yells: Blarggggrgggrggrrr!
  • All-Seeing Eye says: Ahahahahaha!
  • All-Seeing Eye says: I will eat your soul!

Repeat the process of hitting 1 a few times, then 2, until the All-Seeing Eye finally breaks.

All-Seeing Eye says: No more! I will turn my gaze upon Gul'var for you...
The camera tracks northwest to Gul'var. There, Gul'dan, Teron'gor, an image of Cho'gall, and Razuun are gathered:
Gul'dan says: Rise, old friends. The time has come for the next step of my plan.
Gul'dan says: Teron'gor, infiltrate the Auchenai and take control of Auchindoun. Bleed them dry.
Image of Teron'gor says: It will be done, Lord Gul'dan.
Gul'dan says: Cho'gall, we'll finish your Frostfire business together.
Gul'dan says: I'm sending you to Nagrand to subjugate the naaru inside Oshu'gun.
Cho'gall says: I will crush it! (The pale are the key.)
Gul'dan says: All I require is its limitless power.
Gul'dan says: Razuun, you stay here. I have other plans for... what is that?
Gul'dan says: Eye, what are you looking at?
Gul'dan winds up an attack as Cho'gall waves goodbye.
Gul'dan says: It's all fun and games until...
The attack missile flies back to Starfall Outpost and kills the All-Seeing Eye as the player looks on in horror.


  1. A [94] Meet Us at Starfall Outpost
  2. A [94] Catching His Eye
  3. A [94] Shrouding Stones
  4. A [94] Ominous Portents
  5. A [94] Soul Shards of Summoning
  6. A [94] Heart On Fire
  7. A [94] Forging the Soul Trap
  8. A [94] To Catch a Shadow

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