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On Track

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HordeOn Track

120 (Requires 120)




23g 40s


H [120] A Way Out


H [120] Eastern Escape


Follow the trail of Varok Saurfang in Elwynn Forest.


Keep your head down. We do not want to be seen out here.

Our spies keep watch over Stormwind day and night, and saw no signs of Saurfang.

Nor did we notice any oddly-oversized carts or strange ships in the night, if that was what you were thinking.

How then, did he make his escape?

Let's look around.


You will receive:

  • 23g 40s
  • 17,850 XP


Let us keep investigating.


SI:7 lurking around Stormwind? Hmm, probably after the same thing we are.

We need to keep moving.


Quest accept
Dark Ranger Lyana says: Let's keep moving. Be on the lookout for anything suspicious.
Dark Ranger Lyana says: A sewer exit. Outside the city, away from prying eyes. Let's take a look at that lock.

This lock is old and heavily rusted.

Scrape marks and flecks of loose rust are present around the keyhole and moving parts.

It has been recently used.

Dark Ranger Lyana says: Seems we have found his escape route. Hmm, there is mud around the lake. We should check for tracks.
Dark Ranger Lyana says: The mud has been disturbed. Someone tried to disguise their route amongst the reeds. Let's keep moving.
Dark Ranger Lyana says: Heavy footprints. Too large for a human. It has to be Saurfang. His trail leads east...
  • Three SI:7 agents appear.
SI:7 Agent says: Well, well... what do we have here?
SI:7 Agent says: Seems a couple of Hordies got lost. VERY lost.
SI:7 Agent says: Does that area look brown and filthy to you, Hordies?
SI:7 Agent says: Sure seems green to me. Not like Horde lands at all.
SI:7 Agent says: Let's send them back on their way then, shall we?
SI:7 Agent says: My daggers can point 'em in the right direction!
  • And they attack the hero and Lyana. After they are killed, quest is completed.
Dark Ranger Lyana says: Fools.


  1. H [120] The Dark Lady Calls
  2. H [120] The High Overlord
  3. H [120] A Way Out
  4. H [120] On Track
  5. H [120] Eastern Escape
  6. H [120] Corner Crossing
  7. H [120] Signs of Saurfang
  8. H [120] Ever Eastward
  9. H [120] Tracking Tipoff
Side with Varok
  1. H [120] Grim Tidings
  2. H [120] A Warrior's Death
  3. H [120] Queen's Favor
Side with Sylvanas
  1. H [120] For the Queen

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