One Day at a Time

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NeutralOne Day at a Time

110 (Requires 110)




19g 40s


N [110] Insurrection



Feed the  [Fruit of the Arcan'dor] to a Suramar Refugee in Shal'Aran.

  • Fruit of the Arcan'dor (provided)


Thank you for coming, outlander. It is good to see you again.

I have a situation in the city that needs your attention, but first...

Let us talk of hope.

<Thalyssra gestures toward the arcan'dor.>

The fruit of the arcan'dor can truly free my people from the Nightwell. However, it only grows so fast. It will take time to distribute this cure.

I think it only right that you help me pass out the fruit as it is ready. Please take this, and give it to anyone.


You will receive: 19g 40s


In time, all of the shal'dorei will be free.


I will ask this of you again, as more fruit is ready.

For now, we have some disturbing news to discuss.



Go to Shal'Aran to find Thalyssra, Oculeth and Valtrois all restored to healthy nightborne forms. Things are finally looking up, right?


Suramar Refugee
  • At last. I am ready to be free.
  • Can this truly end the hunger?
  • Erana-dora isil. A thousand thanks upon you.
  • Now, as before, we do what we must to carry on.
  • This fruit actually cured Thalyssra? Amazing.
  • We will not forget what you and Thalyssra have done for us.
  • You saved me once before, in the city. Now this... It is more than I deserve.
Suramar Orphan
  • Can you peel it? I don't like the skin...
  • For me? Thank you!
  • Miss Valtrois said if I eat this, she will teach me about ley lines. She promised!
  • What's a arcane-door? Is that like a portal?
  • Will this make me strong like Thalyssra? She's so cool!
  • Yay, magic fruit!
  • Yuck! I want candy!


"One day at a time" is also one of Thalyssra's greeting phrases.


  1. N [110] Insurrection (optional)
  2. N [110] One Day at a Time
  3. N [110] Silence in the City
  4. N [110] Crackdown
  5. N [110] Answering Aggression & N [110] No Reason to Stay
  6. N [110] Regroup
  7. N [110] The Way Back Home
  8. N [110] Visitor in Shal'Aran

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