One With the Ground

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NeutralOne With the Ground
Start Slate Quicksand
End Automatic
Level 83 (Requires 81)
Category Deepholm
Experience 3400
Rewards 8g 20s
Previous  [The Axe of Earthly Sundering],  [Elemental Ore]
Next N [82] Bring Down the Avalanche


Complete the One With the Ground ritual.

  • One With the Ground ritual complete


The leader of the Stone Mother's forces here is the great earth elemental lord, Avalanchion. Luckily for us, the Twilight's Hammer cultists have decided to invade his lair. They're seeking to bind his elementals to their will.

We will take advantage of the chaos. The earth ritual that I invoke will make you one with the ground. It will take you near to Avalanchion without alerting him to your presence.

It's up to you to finish him.


You will receive: 8g 20s


Now that the ritual is complete and you are near Avalanchion, there's only one thing left to do.

("Avalanchion is just ahead. You know what to do.")


On accept:

Slate Quicksand says: Just let me know when you're ready for the ritual, <name>.
We must keep Therazane's forces from attacking Stonehearth.
If they do, they will steal the middle fragment of the World Pillar.

Gossip Arch Geomancer, I am ready for the ritual.

The ritual will take players through the Shattered Field to the southeast to the back of Avalanchion's Vault, where the quest automatically completes.


  1. N [82] Where's Goldmine?
  2. N [82] Explosive Bonding Compound / N [82] Something that Burns
  3. N [82] Apply and Flash Dry
  4. N [82] Take Him to the Earthcaller
  5. N [82] To Stonehearth's Aid
  6. N [82] The Quaking Fields
  7. N [82] The Axe of Earthly Sundering / N [82] Elemental Ore
  8. N [83] One With the Ground
  9. N [82] Bring Down the Avalanche
  10. Complete all of:
  11. N [82] Shatter Them! / N [82] Battlefront Triage / N [82] Fixer Upper
  12. N [83] Troggzor the Earthinator
  13. N [83] Rush Delivery
  14. N [83] Close Escort
  15. N [83] Keep Them off the Front
  16. N [83] Reactivate the Constructs / N [83] Mystic Masters
  17. N [83] Down Into the Chasm
  18. N [83] Sprout No More / N [83] Fungal Monstrosities
  19. N [83] A Slight Problem
  20. N [83] Rescue the Stonefather... and Flint
  21. N [83] The Hero Returns
  22. N [83] The Middle Fragment

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