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Only Shadows Remain

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NeutralOnly Shadows Remain

50 (Requires 48)




B [50] With Hope in Hand, more dailies!


Defeat Herald Dalora in the Cathedral of Darkness.


We may not know who this dark herald serves, but it is clear that the message she brings has emboldened the Scourge and the Cult of the Damned alike.

This cannot be allowed to continue. We must vanquish her and strike a definitive blow against her master's new minions.

Lead the charge, <name>. The Argent Crusade stands with you.

Light willing, we will put an end to this madness here and now.

("Herald Dalora: A dark figure of mysterious origins, enveloped in whispering shadows.")


You will receive:


May we continue our fight together.


It seems that eliminating the herald has slowed the Scourge's advance.

We will have to remain vigilant. Thank you for all you have done, <name>.


On accept:

Crusader Renn says: Tread carefully, <name>. We do not fully understand the power of this being.
Crusader Renn says: When the time is right, signal our allies and we shall bring this monster down together.

No quest mount this time, so fly back through Corp'rethar to the Cathedral of Darkness.

Dalora is at the far end of the cathedral. Aggro her:

Herald Dalora yells: Fate is upon you, mortal.
Crusaders Blair and Levanus run in and help with the attack.
Crusader Blair says: In the name of the Light!

At 50%:

Herald Dalora yells: The darkness comes...

Defeat Dalora:

Herald Dalora says: You cannot... stop... his victory...
Crusader Blair says: Well fought, <name>.
Crusader Blair says: Let us return with word of this creature's defeat.

This quest unlocks the second set of dailies in Icecrown during Death Rising. However, the quest chain continues with B [50] With Hope in Hand.


PTR version

Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the PTR stages.
We may not understand what brought this being to us, but it is clear its presence has only agitated the Scourge.
Without knowing what lies before us, I've asked some of our own to assist in the operation.
Ending the source of madness may cripple their uprising.
It's time we end this.
The removal of the threat seems to have slowed the Scourge's attacks.
We will continue to monitor the situation as it unfolds.
Crusaders Blair and Levanus run in and help with the attack
Crusader Blair says: We end this together.
Defeating Dalora
Crusader Blair says: A job well done.
Crusader Blair says: Let us return with news of our success.

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