Onwards to Menethil

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AllianceOnwards to Menethil
Start Forba Slabchisel [57.4, 71.6]
End Captain Stoutfist [10.6, 55.6]
Level 21 (Requires 18)
Category Wetlands
Experience 85-830
Reputation +75 Ironforge
Rewards 7s
Previous  [Incendicite Ore]
A [21] Get Out Of Here, Stalkers
A [21] Down In Thelgen Rock
Next A [21] Assault on Menethil Keep


Deliver the Slabchisel Report to Captain Stoutfist in Menethil Harbor.


This news needs to get to Menethil as soon as possible. I'll send you along on my fastest ram, <name>.

He knows the way, just make sure you're steady in the saddle and hold on tight.

Don't dawdle around the camp. We've got to send word quickly!


You will receive: 7s


Welcome to Menethil, stranger. I hope you've got good news or a stiff drink with you.


Let's take a look here.

Oh, this is lovely. "Significant geological instabilities"? "Threat of sudden, massive topological destabilization"?

Nice to hear that somethin' bad might happen around here. I guess we'll just pick up our flooded town and fly it off somewhere safe!



When you accept the quest, Brisket (the ram by the entrance to the camp) becomes rideable. Once you've mounted Brisket, he will take you (at quite incredible speed) to the bridge leading to Menethil Harbor.


  1. A [21] Onwards to Menethil (optional breadcrumb from Slabchisel's Survey)
  2. Complete all of:
  3. A [23] Swiftgear Station (optional breadcrumb to Swiftgear Station)

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