Onyx Flight Captain

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MobOnyx Flight Captain
Image of Onyx Flight Captain
Race Black dragonspawn (Dragonkin)
Level 78-81 Elite
Health 156,396 - 390,990
Wealth 2g 29s 94c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Black dragonflight
Occupation Captain
Location Obsidian Sanctum
Status Killable

Onyx Flight Captains are black dragonspawn captains of the black dragonflight, located in the Obsidian Sanctum.


  • Spell shaman improvedstormstrike.png  Hammer Drop — Hits an enemy over the head with a hammer, decreasing its size, stats, and physical damage done by 5%. Stacks.
  • Inv gauntlets 04.png  Pummel — Pummels an enemy for 10% weapon damage and interrupts the spell being cast for 4 sec.

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