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Oostan is large area of pygmy territory in the western part of the Lost Peak on the Lost Isles. Within the area are three villages: Nord in the north, Sor is the west, and Ost in the south.

It's from here that the pygmy witch doctors, Gaahl, Malmo, and Teloch, turn the goblin survivors into zombies and send them to attack the Town-In-A-Box.

The valley is completely destroyed by the volcano's eruption.



The names of the three villages could possibly be derived from Norwegian directional words. Nord means north, sør means south (Oostan Sor lies south of Oostan Nord), and øst means east (Oostan Ost lies east of both villages). This would fit well with the name of the area, as Oostan could be related to the English town Ulverston, which is also known as Oostan, and which name is derived from Old Norse.