Open Their Eyes

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NeutralOpen Their Eyes

46 (Requires 44)





Use Delaris's Prism to terrify 20 Jadefire Imps.


Before you go...

I've taken advantage of my "alone time" with Impsy here to learn some interesting facts about imps. Specifically, he ended up telling me the one thing that all imps fear most. Something they're absolutely terrified of.

I thought that sounded useful as well as interesting, so I've done some basic conjuring. This prism will project an image of... well, of what Impsy described.

Shadowlurk Ridge is still swarming with imps. Why don't you go test their reaction for me?


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv gauntlets 120v1.png [Gold Pot Gloves] Inv shoulder 135.png [Cheerful Shoulders]
Inv jewelry ring 72.png [Rainbow Band]
You will also receive: 65s
Inv misc gem variety 02.png [Rainbow Generator]


Having fun?


I see... their eyes are open.

<Delaris smiles with bemusement.>

Maybe I'll keep Impsy around after all. He's got a lot to teach me...


Head back to the ridge and use the prism near imps. The vision of an imp's gut-wrenching terror is... a bright and happily colorful rainbow?

The imps will usually emote when they scream.

  • Jadefire Imp starts sobbing uncontrollably!
  • Jadefire Imp flees in terror!
  • Jadefire Imp screams at the top of its lungs!

  • Jadefire Imp yells: AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!
  • Jadefire Imp yells: Get it away!
  • Jadefire Imp yells: It burns! IT BURNS!
  • Jadefire Imp yells: It's so intense!
  • Jadefire Imp yells: It's too much!
  • Jadefire Imp yells: Make it stop! MAKE IT STOP!
  • Jadefire Imp yells: The colors! Nooooooooooooooo!
  • Jadefire Imp yells: What does it mean?!


  1. N [45] Do the Imp-Possible
  2. N [46] See the Invisible
  3. N [46] Touch the Untouchable
  4. N [46] Break the Unbreakable & N [46] Fight the Power
  5. N [46] Jaedenar Awaits (optional breadcrumb to Wildheart Point)

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