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The subject of this article or section was part of Operation: Gnomeregan, a world event that heralded the recovery of the surface of Gnomeregan before Cataclysm.

AllianceOperation: Gnomeregan

75 (Requires 75)


20,950 XP (or 12g 57s at 80)

For an overview of the World Event, see Operation: Gnomeregan.

This quest concludes the Operation: Gnomeregan quest chain.


Help King Mekkatorque with the assault on Gnomeregan.

  • Regain the Surface of Gnomereagan


Momentarily, the multi-phased assault upon Gnomeregan will begin and Mekgineer Thermaplugg and his men will be brought to justice! Too long has Thermaplugg festered in the depths of our home, defended by a corrupt and irradiated army.

The assault begins in but a moment! Be ready recruit, this fight will not be for the faint-hearted.


You will receive: 5g 90s (or 12g 57s if completed at level 80) and  [Gnomeregan Drape].

You are also awarded the Feat of Strength Achievement Alliance [Operation: Gnomeregan].


Curses! We had to fall back. But Thermaplugg's lost, and he knows it... he's only bought himself time. We hold the surface, and when the radiation clears we'll assault and recapture Gnomeregan with a force twice this size.

Mekkatorque's battle-plan

You can ask Mekkatorque for a quick history and run-down of his attack:

At last it is time for the exiled gnomes to return.
Once again Gnomeregan will be our home!

Gossip What is going on here?

The dwarves have kept us safe in their home for some time now, and for that we thank them. However, the traitorous Thermaplugg's occupation of our home must at last come to an end.
Gnomeregan has festered beneath the atomic weight of our ill-conceived plan for too long. The detonation of the radiation bombs drove us from our city, but we now possess the technology to take it back!
We will regain what is ours... and bring Thermaplugg to justice!

Gossip What is your plan?

Operation: Gnomeregan is divided into a number of phases:
First, we must retake the air tower. This will allow our planes give [sic] us air support as we move towards Gnomeregan's main entrance.
In addition, a cache of mechanized Battle Suits was discovered in one of the nearby buildings. Once we have those suits, our assault on the entrance should be unstoppable.
Then, we go straight for Thermaplugg in the heart of Gnomeregan!


The event runs for 20 minutes, so if the High Tinker is not at where players land during Words for Delivery, sit tight with Elgin Clickspring. Once a player starts the event, other players have six minutes to join Mekkatorque before he begins the attack. After that six minute window, players will be required to wait 15 minutes until the event resets and begins anew.

During the event, the regular level ~15 NPCs will be out of phase, replaced by level 80 elites! The party starts out south of the air tower by Gnomeregan. The irradiated infantry and mechano-tanks are actively hostile and hit hard. To counter this, Mekkatorque buffs players with "Brillant Tactics: For Gnomeregan!", a health pool and damage boost, while "Doc" Cogspin will apply "Surgeon General's Warding: When the "Doc" is on the clock your health won't drop.", a health and resource (mana/rage/energy/runic power) recovery aura.

Once Mekkatorque starts the assault, head north to the airfield and take out the four rocket launchers. Once all of the rocket launchers are eliminated, Mekkatorque will move to capture the engineering facilities/surface command post to the northeast, skipping the entrance to Gnomeregan proper. The radiation inside Gnomeregan (starting just outside of the ramp) hits for ~5275 a second, so do not take a left after the airfield has been recaptured.

The command post is guarded by six tankbusters. They are initially protected by an immunity shield until the multi-bombers overcome them. Destroy the six tankbusters to capture the command post. Mekkatorque will disable the radiation pumps, allowing the party to assault the entrance. Also, some of the infantry will commandeer battle suits to assist in the assault.

Mekkatorque leads the party to the entrance of Gnomeregan, where they are met by Mekgineer Thermaplugg's Brag-Bot. Thermaplugg sends the entire force of troggs against the invaders, capped off with Gasherikk, who has ~1.9 million health. The troggs defeated, the party heads down the ramp to the elevator, which has been disabled! Everyone is thus equipped with a parachute and safely makes it to the bottom of the shaft. Noting the lack of resistance, Mekkatorque heads through the Train Depot to the Workshop entrance of the Gnomeregan instance, where they are greeted by the Irradiator 3000.

It's a trap! Thermaplugg unleashes the last of his forces, led by Commander Boltcog, upon the party. After defeating Boltcog, Thermaplugg gloats over his soon-to-be-inevitable victory by setting off the Irradiator 3000. However, it was left with the default timeout of 10 minutes. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Mekkatorque attempts to defuse the irradiator with some engineering reagents. Thermaplugg, noticing the lack of a big boom, realizes his mistake and resets the irradiator to explode in 10 seconds. Mekkatorque quickly orders Lapforge to teleport the party to safety. They wind up back in Tinker Town.

Do NOT rush ahead of Mekkatorque. Stay with him at all times. Otherwise, you might glitch the event and it will have to be restarted (much to everyone's chagrin). When the troggs are pouring out, stay there and fight the troggs.

Dun Morogh map
Event Begin @ 25.9,47.1
Command Post @ 27,37
Entrance @ 24.8,39.8
Airfield @ 25,43

Script event

Six minutes:

High Tinker Mekkatorque says: Citizens and friends of Gnomeregan!
High Tinker Mekkatorque says: Today is the day we take back our glorious city from the vile traitor Thermaplugg!
High Tinker Mekkatorque says: Gather around me as we prepare to reclaim our homeland!
High Tinker Mekkatorque says: No more shall our people live as refugees, as outcasts, as wretched irradiated slaves chained to the yoke of a madman's war machine!

Three minutes:

High Tinker Mekkatorque says: The end of Thermaplugg's reign draws near!
High Tinker Mekkatorque says: Gather now at the staging area!

One minute:

High Tinker Mekkatorque says: Our tactics, our science, our bravery and determination shall prevail.
High Tinker Mekkatorque says: The assault begins in but a moment!

Operation start:

High Tinker Mekkatorque says: Operation: Gnomeregan begins NOW!
High Tinker Mekkatorque says: Initiate Phase I: Recapture the enemy airfield!
NPC infantry and Mechano-tanks charge, and attack defending infantry and mechano-tanks.
Both PCs and NPCs have Gnomeregan banners.
High Tinker Mekkatorque says: Destroy their rockets launchers and achieve total air superiority!
High Tinker Mekkatorque says: Targets in sight! Squads, deploy: Destroy all enemy rocket launchers!
High Tinker Mekkatorque says: That's one down. Keep attacking!
High Tinker Mekkatorque says: There's another destroyed. Maintain the assault!
High Tinker Mekkatorque says: Excellent work. Don't let up!

Phase one complete:

High Tinker Mekkatorque says: The airfield is ours, and with it, the skies over Gnomeregan.
High Tinker Mekkatorque says: Now our Multi-Bombers can obliterate Thermaplugg's shielded Tankbuster Cannons.
High Tinker Mekkatorque says: Initiate Phase II: Capture the Surface Command Post!
High Tinker Mekkatorque yells: Our Multi-Bombers have destroyed Tankbuster Cannons' shields. Take them down and secure the Surface Command Post!
The yell can happen before the shields are actually down.

Phase two complete:

High Tinker Mekkatorque says: We've secured the surface! Operation: Gnomeregan is proceeding with 93% efficiency...well done, everyone!
High Tinker Mekkatorque says: I'll shut down the defensive radiation pumps. Squads, commandeer the remaining mechanized suits and move up to the Main Entry.

Starting phase three:

High Tinker Mekkatorque says: We stand at the brink of victory, my friends. Initiate Phase III: Into the tunnels!
High Tinker Mekkatorque says: Once we capture the underground railway and loading dock, we'll use them to make a rapid attack on the heart of the city. Gnomeregan is within our grasp!
Mekgineer Thermaplugg's Brag-Bot yells: NEVER! Wait...is this thing on? Is it...this button? Testing...testing. Ah! *ahem*
Mekgineer Thermaplugg's Brag-Bot yells: NEVER! Gnomeregan is MINE, Mekkatorque.
Mekgineer Thermaplugg's Brag-Bot yells: You think you'll just march into MY city?
Mekgineer Thermaplugg's Brag-Bot yells: Activate the Expendable Atomic Defense System: DRIVE FORTH THE TROGGS!!!
High Tinker Mekkatorque says: My GEARS...that's got to be every last trogg in the city! Squads, dig in!
High Tinker Mekkatorque yells: Frag bombs and suppressing fire...HOLD THE LINE! We won't be turned back now!

Gasherikk spawns:

High Tinker Mekkatorque yells: Sweet baby titans! That's got to be the biggest trogg I've ever seen! Keep firing...take it down!

After parachuting to the bottom and reaching the Train Depot:

High Tinker Mekkatorque says: It's too quiet, where are Thermaplugg's defense forces?

Reaching the Irradiator 3000 in the Train Depot:

High Tinker Mekkatorque says: What...what is that? That looks like the radiation bomb that poisoned Gnomeregan...wait! Incoming!
Several waves of Irradiated Cavalry and Irradiated Infantry attack. Eventually, Commander Boltcog spawns.

Commander Boltcog spawns:

Commander Boltcog yells: Our defenses are impenetrable! WE are the true sons of Gnomeregan!


Mekgineer Thermaplugg's Brag-Bot yells: No! No, no, NO!!! I won't allow you into my kingdom, usurper! I WON'T ALLOW IT!
Mekgineer Thermaplugg's Brag-Bot yells: Activate the Ultimate Atomic Protection System.
Mekgineer Thermaplugg's Brag-Bot yells: ...DISINTEGRATE THEM ALL!
High Tinker Mekkatorque says: IT'S A TRAP! That's a fully functional irradiator!
Mekgineer Thermaplugg's Brag-Bot yells: It is... and twenty-six TIMES more powerful than the first!
Mekgineer Thermaplugg's Brag-Bot yells: You've FAILED, Mekkatorque! I've caught and defeated you before you even set FOOT in my precious city!
Mekgineer Thermaplugg's Brag-Bot yells: Now DIE!
Mekgineer Thermaplugg's Brag-Bot yells: Oh, I'd love to see that old cog's face. I bet he...what? It's still on? WELL TURN IT O-
Irradiator 3000 yells: Irradiator 3000 activated. Attention. Emergency. You now have ten minutes to reach minimum safe distance.
High Tinker Mekkatorque says: Ten minutes? Plenty of time to disarm the device.
High Tinker Mekkatorque says: Hinkles, hand me that  [Whirring Bronze Gizmo] and some [Fresh Spring Water]. Cogspin, toss me that  [Dirty Trogg Cloth] and a  [Handful of Copper Bolts]...
Hinkles rummages through his backpack looking for supplies.
Mekgineer Thermaplugg's Brag-Bot yells: TEN MINUTES?! You left the factory setting on? Give me that controller, you idiot!
Irradiator 3000 yells: *BEEP* Attention. Emergency. You now have ten seconds to reach minimum safe distance.
High Tinker Mekkatorque says: Whuh-oh![1] Lapforge, beam us back, quickly!

Denouement, back in Tinker Town:

High Tinker Mekkatorque says: Curses! We had to fall back. But Thermaplugg's lost, and he knows it...he's only bought himself time.
High Tinker Mekkatorque says: We hold the surface, and when the radiation clears we'll assault and recapture Gnomeregan with a force twice this size.


  1. A [80] A Few Good Gnomes
  2. A [80] Basic Orders
  3. Complete both of:
  4. A [80] Prepping the Speech
  5. A [80] Words for Delivery
  6. A [75] Words for Delivery (optional)
  7. A [75] Operation: Gnomeregan

Patch changes

Event activated September 7/8, 2010.


  1. ^ Mekkatorque adds the voiced line We've gotta get out of here! (or some variation thereof) at this point, but it is not included in the speech text.

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