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Operation: Hook and Line

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HordeOperation: Hook and Line
Start Automatic
End Nathanos Blightcaller
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category Horde War Campaign
Experience 1,800
Rewards 2g 34s
Next H [120] When a Plan Comes Together


Meet with Nathanos Blightcaller on the Banshee's Wail in the Port of Zandalar.


Thanks to the help of our new allies, we have devised a plan to extract a powerful tidesage artifact from Boralus.

I have already sent Valentine to get us started.

Report to the Banshee's Wail posthaste.


You will receive:

  • 2g 34s
  • 1,800 XP


I hope you are prepared for some light infiltration, <name>.


  1. H [120] Operation: Hook and Line
  2. H [120] When a Plan Comes Together
  3. H [120] Old Colleagues & H [120] The Bulk of the Guard
  4. H [120] A Well Placed Portal
  5. H [120] Relics of Ritual, H [120] Forfeit Souls, H [120] Tidesage Teachings
  6. H [120] Gaining the Upper Hand
  7. H [120] Return to the Harbor
  8. H [120] Life Held Hostage
  9. H [120] The Aid of the Tides
  10. H [120] Champion: Lilian Voss & H [120] A Cycle of Hatred

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