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An ancient Kul Tiran order resurrected to battle the threat of witchcraft, the Order of Embers fights with knowledge guiding their blades.
— In-game description

The Order of Embers was a league of humans who first fought against the drust around 2,700 years ago.


Around 2,700 years ago, humans from Gilneas arrived on an island that they would later call Kul Tiras.[1] The drust already lived on the island when the humans arrived, and from Drustvar they enacted raids against the humans' fledgling hamlets.[2] The drust barbarians attacked the human settlers unprovoked. When the humans landed they tried peace but the drust went to war immediately, and only a few tolerated new neighbors. They glorified the slaughter, attacking unarmed civilians.[3]

The drust assaults carried on for many years, until the humans of House Waycrest decided something had to be done and began a war against the drust. But though the Waycrests were hearty folk, the drust death magic[4] was strong and the humans began to lose the war.[2] House Waycrest researched their magic and created the Order of Embers to fight them.[5] To counter the drust magic, the Order of Embers used weapons of silver.[6]

In the present day, the people of Drustvar under Lucille Waycrest reformed the Order of Embers and recruited new inquisitors to combat the Heartsbane Coven.





This faction was initially named House Waycrest during early alpha.


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