Order of the Seven Suns

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NeutralOrder of the Seven Suns
Main leader IconSmall Human Male.gif Greydon Thorne
Race(s) HumanHuman Human
Character classes Warrior
Affiliation Independent
Status Disbanded
After Greydon left his family in Lakeshire in search of the crystal shards, he had Anselm Yewtree carve the Wavestrider's figurehead into the naaru's likeness.
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

The Order of the Seven Suns was an order of seven individuals that were sworn to protect an unnamed naaru that shielded Azeroth from the Darkstorm and was foretold to stop it. Greydon Thorne was chosen as its leader while his brother Silverlaine was also a member. The naaru bestowed Greydon the Diamond Blade to give to the one he deemed best. However, Greydon kept it for himself, infuriating his brother. To prove his worth, Silverlaine later stole the sword from Greydon's quarters and went to defeat the dreadlord Xaraax who was capable of summoning the Darkstorm. However, the dreadlord convinced Silverlaine to join his side. Upon returning to the order, Silverlaine killed the naaru, and the weapon shattered, its crystal shards blasting across Azeroth. With the naaru gone, Silverlaine returned to the nathrezim, Greydon settled in Stormwind, and the order was shattered as was the Diamond Blade.

Despite the Legion's victory, the Darkstorm couldn't come. The reason for that was the naaru's essence that survived in the form of the shattered crystal shards. It also appeared as a mysterious Voice of the Light, guiding Greydon Thorne and later his children Aramar and Makasa Flintwill to finding the shards. In the meantime, Malus managed to capture both, Greydon and Aram, in the Hidden citadel in the Hellfire Peninsula while Makasa reassembled the Diamond Blade and gathered friends and allies to invade the demon fortress.

When the battle started, Xaraax deemed Malus unuseful and, in turn, Malus turned on Xaraax, defeating him but also becoming fel-corrupted. Because he was of the Order of the Seven Suns, Greydon's essence was needed for the Darkstorm to feed upon his life. Fortunately, Makasa and her allies managed to free the Greydons, defeat demons, and kill Malus, avenging the naaru and putting a stop to the Darkstorm threat.[1]


  • Greydon hid one shard in a cave in Redridge Mountains under the guard of his dragon friend, Telagos. When Greydon and Telagos reunited at the Hidden citadel, Greydon remarked that he was once again aiding the Order of the Seven Suns.
  • While the exact timeframe of the events is unknown, the order's ending happened sometimes prior to year 15.
  • What happened to the remaining five members of the order is not stated. When Greydon was explaining the history of the order to Aram, he told that after the Diamond Blade was shattered, no one remained to defend Azeroth, probably meaning that they left to live their lives like Greydon did in Stormwind. However, since the Darkstorm was to feed the essence of the members of the Order of the Seven Suns, and the demons had only Greydon, it is also possible that they were killed when the naaru was murdered or at any point afterward.