Organic Discombobulation Grenade

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  • Organic Discombobulation Grenade
  • Use: Throw a bomb, which when detonated will summon 5 mechanical sheep. Any enemies that come into contact with the sheep will be polymorphed for 20 sec. (1 Min Cooldown)


Organic Discombobulation Grenade is created by using Kul Tiran and Zandalari Engineering; taught by the Kul Tiran and Zandalari engineering trainers, Alliance Layla Evenkeel and Horde Shuga Blastcaps for 25g at a skill of (1). Rank 2 is taught by the same trainer for 40g at a skill of (35). Rank 3 is taught by  [Schematic: Organic Discombobulation Grenade]; obtained from World Quest: Work Order: Organic Discombobulation Grenade.

Materials required:
Inv ore monalite.png 10x [Monelite Ore] Inv eng chemicalblastingcap.png 5x [Chemical Blasting Cap]
Inv jewelcrafting delicatecopperwire.png 8x [Insulated Wiring]
Materials required (Rank 2 and 3):
Inv ore monalite.png 8x [Monelite Ore] Inv eng chemicalblastingcap.png 3x [Chemical Blasting Cap]
Inv jewelcrafting delicatecopperwire.png 5x [Insulated Wiring]

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