Orgrimmar Embassy

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The Orgrimmar Embassy.

The Orgrimmar Embassy is a district in Orgrimmar that serves as a meeting point for the leadership of the Horde and as headquarters for many of its allied races. It was established after the fall of the Burning Legion in the Argus Campaign, and can be found west of the Valley of Strength, where the Goblin Slums were located, replacing the goblins' oil drilling operations.

The embassy's interior in patch 8.0.1, with the leaders of the Horde gathered

Much of the Horde's efforts in the lead up to the Blood War, notably involving the recruitment of new allied races, is based from this location. A small engineering shop and an engineering trainer can also be found next to the embassy.

During Varok Saurfang's rebellion, Jastor Gallywix came to the goblin camp near the building and ordered Overworked Underlings to burn Piles of Misfiled Paperwork and Stacks of Totally Legal Paperwork.

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When an allied race is unlocked, NPCs of their faction appear around the embassy. Some of them offer services and include profession trainers.

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