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The Orgrimmar Set is a Bind to Account 6-piece armor transmog set available to Horde players, sold by Horde [90]  Grun'lek in the War Mill garrison building. It is a replica of the armor worn by Orgrimmar Grunts.

This set also includes [Orgrimmar Axe] and [Orgrimmar Tabard]. [Orgrimmar Tabard] can be used instead, but neither tabard is worn by Orgrimmar Grunts.


The main items and axe are purchased from Horde [90]  Grun'lek <Quartermaster> in the War Mill garrison building.

Item  [Iron Horde Scraps] Gear token
[Orgrimmar Spaulders] 50 [Crusted Iron Horde Pauldrons]
[Orgrimmar Chestguard] 80 -
[Orgrimmar Gloves] 50 -
[Orgrimmar Belt] 50 [Ravaged Iron Horde Belt]
[Orgrimmar Leggings] 80 -
[Orgrimmar Boots] 50 -
[Orgrimmar Axe] 80 -

The [Orgrimmar Tabard] is rewarded by H [90] Scraps of Iron—requires 5  [Iron Horde Scraps].

It takes 360  [Iron Horde Scraps] and the 2 armor tokens to get the 6 main pieces (excluding axe and tabard).


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