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Heart of the Shadowlands[1]

PvP status

Oribos, the Eternal City (also known as the Undying City)[2] is a very ancient city located at the heart of the Shadowlands. The home of the Arbiter, it predates memory and is of unknown construction. It serves as a nexus between the various domains of the Shadowlands and is a gathering point for power brokers, wheelers, dealers, and anima traders. Oribos serves as the central player hub of the Shadowlands.[1][3]

With the Arbiter having gone mysteriously dormant and with all incoming mortal souls being damned to the Maw, Oribos and its Attendant and Broker inhabitants welcome members of both the Alliance and the Horde to the citadel, but force them to set aside their differences while inside its walls.[4]


Oribos is the arrival point for all souls who enter the Shadowlands. At this crossroads, the dead are judged by the impassive Arbiter before being sent to their final destinations, and Oribos' denizens swap gossip and anima—soulstuff that serves as both power and currency.[2]

Getting there

Oribos can be reached through portals located in the various Shadowlands zones.[4] Portals to Oribos can also be found at the Pathfinder's Den in Orgrimmar and within the Wizard's Sanctum in Stormwind City.

Shadowlands zones:


Oribos in the heart of the Shadowlands.

Flowing through the very center of Oribos is the soul stream. This is made up of all the mortal souls entering the Shadowlands, which are now all flowing into the Maw. Brokers offer their wares in the Hall of Curiosities, while profession trainers can be found in the Hall of Shapes and a bank can be accessed in the Hall of Holding. From the Ring of Transference, travelers can use portals and flight master's services to reach the other Shadowlands zones, while portals back to Orgrimmar and Stormwind City in the land of the living are available at the city's entrance. The Arbiter herself resides in a sacred chamber atop the very crown of Oribos, where she has judged every mortal soul crossing into the Shadowlands since the dawn of time.[4]

Maps and subregions

Map of the main level of Oribos.


  • The name "Oribos" as well as its symbol are inspired by the real life ouroboros symbol, depicting a snake or dragon eating its own tail as a representation of the cycle of life and death.


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