Origami Rock

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  • Origami Rock
  • Use: Creates a rock. (30 Sec Cooldown)
    No sell price

An Origami Rock is an item created in Inscription.


It is taught by  [Technique: Origami Rock] which can be learned by scribes with 490 skill.


It can be placed on the ground as an object, which looks, as expected, pretty much like a rock. It is possible to interact with this object to pick the rock up again, changing it back into an item. If it is not picked up, it will disappear after some time. It is not possible to use more than one rock at a time.[1]

Practical usage

Both the item and the object are intended for fun (though it can be discussed how fun they are) and does not serve any important nor advanced uses. The recipe is however a cheap way to level your Inscription skill from 490 to 500 (at which point this recipe turns gray).

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