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Not to be confused with Or'Nak.
Image of Ornak
Gender Male
Race Tauren (Humanoid)
Level 82
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Orgrimmar
Location Dragonmaw Port, Twilight Highlands

Ornak is a tauren quest giver at Dragonmaw Port in the Twilight Highlands.

On first encounter, he is part of the Horde landing party on shore, attempting to coordinate negotiations with Warchief Mor'ghor. After the Dragonmaw join the Horde, he enlists aid in fortifying the port's walls.

In the initial phase of Dragonmaw Port, Ornak also provides transportation from shore to the Remains of the Fleet.


Horde assault on Dragonmaw Port[78, 51]
After the Dragonmaw join the Horde[74, 53]



Negotiations aren't going well, <name>. The Dragonmaw are not yet free orcs.

Somehow, we MUST get them to join the Horde!

Let me know if you need transport back to the fleet.

Gossip Can I get a ride back to the fleet?

During H [84] You Say You Want a Revolution

We've stirred up a hornet's nest, <name>!

I hope you have a plan for finishing this. Krogg's warriors are tearing up the dragonmaw, but we're taking heavy losses for every inch of ground...


From arrival at port (H [84] Twilight Skies) through H [84] Death to Mor'ghor, Ornak can provide a Landing Boat from shore to the Horde fleet:

Gossip Can I get a ride back to the fleet?
Ornak orders a boat to push off for the fleet.

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