Oshu'gun Crystal Powder

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  • Oshu'gun Crystal Powder Sample
  • Binds when picked up
  • Unique (100)
  • "You may turn 10 of these items in to Chief Researcher Amereldine/Chief Researcher Kartos at Halaa if the Horde/Alliance have control of the base."
The crystaline powder from the mountain is infused within the earthen core of this region.[1]

A common item that drops about 6% of the time from ogres and other mobs in Nagrand. You can trade ten (10) of these powders to Chief Researcher Kartos for the Alliance or Chief Researcher Amereldine for the Horde in the town of Halaa, Nagrand for a [Halaa Research Token]. Your faction is required to have control of Halaa in order to get the quest to gain research tokens. These can be used alongside [Halaa Battle Token]s to buy items.

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