Our Man in Gilneas

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NeutralOur Man in Gilneas
Start Wrathion[71.4, 45.4]
End Zazzo Twinklefingers[70.2, 40.8]
Level 85 (Requires 85)
Category Rogue
Previous N Rogue [85] To Catch a Thief
Next N Rogue [85] Assassinate Creed

This rogue-only quest is the fifth part of the chain to obtain the legendary dagger set Fangs of the Father. It is a simple travel quest from Hillsbrad Foothills to Ruins of Gilneas.


Seek out Zazzo Twinklefingers near the ruins of Gilneas City in Gilneas.


If you wish to join my cause and slaughter the black dragons in hiding, prove yourself by taking down Hiram Creed. He's amassing an army in Gilneas.

We haven't been able to slip past his defenders, but we've got a man on the scene keeping an eye on him. Zazzo Twinklefingers, a very crafty arcane mage, is waiting for us to contact him just outside of the ruins of the Gilnean capital.

Find him and he'll direct you to the target.


Ravenholdt sent you? I hope you're a better assassin than the others.


After the quest is accepted:

Wrathion says: If you live through this... I assure you it will be worth it.


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