Our Share of the Plunder

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HordeOur Share of the Plunder
Start First Mate Jamboya
End First Mate Jamboya
Level 110 - 120 (Requires 110)
Category Vol'dun
Experience 16,450 (at level 110)
Reputation +75 Voldunai
Rewards 19g 40s (at level 110)
Previous H [110 - 120] The Golden Isle
Next H [110 - 120] This Be Mutiny


Collect 12 Cursed Treasures of Zem'lan.


Dis treasure belongs to de crew! We've fought every battle for Zem'lan, but he hoards all de booty for himself.

And if ya try to take some for yourself, he turns ya into one of his goldslaves. Those be de mindless drones ya see tendin' to de treasure out here.

We ain't leavin' here empty-handed after de mutiny. Collect all de treasure ya can!

Beware de cursed bits. It don't hurt us, but I'm guessin' it'll hurt you.


You will receive:


More treasure!


I suppose dis little amount of gold won't be cursin' ya for too long. I'll carry de rest.


Cursed Treasures of Zem'lan can be looted from Goldslaves and Animated Treasure as well as from Cursed Treasure objects across the isle. Occasionally, looting a Cursed Treasure of Zem'lan will inflict one of two curses on the player for 60 seconds. These effects can both be active at the same time, effectively cancelling each other out.


  1. H [110 - 120] Camp Lastwind
  2. H [110 - 120] Lost in Zem'lan
  3. H [110 - 120] The Day the Port Fell
  4. H [110 - 120] Overdue Mutiny
  5. H [110 - 120] The Yard Arm of the Law & H [110 - 120] My Last Day Alive
  6. H [110 - 120] The Grinning Idols & H [110 - 120] Maroon 'em with Fire
  7. H [110 - 120] The Golden Isle
  8. H [110 - 120] Our Share of the Plunder & H [110 - 120] The First Time I Died
  9. H [110 - 120] This Be Mutiny
  10. H [110 - 120] Escaping Zem'lan

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