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Outlandish Podcast
URL Outlandish Podcast
Type Podcast
Registration Free
Launched Fed 4 2008
Maintained by Matt, Jeremy & Justin

About the Show

Outlandish is probably one of the most controversial/explicit podcasts dedicated to World of Warcraft. It consists of four segments: 1) previous week, 2) news, 3) community and "3.5")Off-topic. The segments are separated by commercials representing addons that the hosts enjoy or made-up commercials for current events in-game. They currently do a "season" of 10 episodes and then a ".5" episode where they discuss off-topic subjects.

They maintain a website and forums (links below) and the show is distributed through iTunes and by RSS feed. The show has been featured on the front page of iTunes and is currently one of the 10 most popular World of Warcraft podcasts.

Outlandish is rated M for Mature. It is meant to be listened to by a mature audience or at least one that does not mind profanity and the discussion of everything explicit.

About the Hosts

Matt is the host of the show. He currently has two Horde characters; his main is a Tauren Druid who is on the PvP server Frostmane. He also plays a Restoration Shaman. He is the senior editor of the podcast, spending roughly around 2–3 hours editing each week.

Jeremy is co-host and co-founder of Outlandish. He also plays 2 Horde characters; his main is an Undead Rogue on the same server as Matt, as well as a Blood Elf Hunter. He is the vice editor in chief, sometimes editing the special clip shows as well as creating commercials or parodies when time allows.

Justin is the third leg of the tripod of hosts. He is co-host and co-founder of Outlandish. He plays a Blood Elf Paladin also on Frostmane. He is the "CEO of the commercials and entertaining breaks division" and has given up countless hours of sleep to provide listeners with entertaining segment breaks.

The hosts live in Arkansas and gather each week to record a new and entertaining episode for listeners to enjoy. They have been longtime friends for over 10 years and continue to surprise everyone with their creativity and excitement for World of Warcraft.


Outlandish was first featured on iTunes the first week of February 2008. The second episode premiered on February 11, 2008 and introduced their "Previously on Outlandish" intros. With the third episode of Outlandish on February 18, 2008 they premiered the first of their addon commercials; the first addon commercial featured Decursive. Episode #28 introduced their first parody song "I had to Turn off Trade Chat". They are currently working on their 10th season.

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