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The Outriggers,[1] or Stormriggers,[2] are an organization of Kul Tiran monster hunters based in Tiragarde Sound. The group has dedicated itself to defending Kul Tiras and the Sound from external threats that might emerge, though they specialize in fighting monsters and creatures from the sea, centered around Anglepoint Bay. The group maintains a base at Krakenbane Cove.


Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

The Outriggers would become a well-established force within Tiragarde Sound as one of the region's staunchest defenders, with trophies of their victories known to be displayed in Boralus itself.[3] From Outrigger Point on Anglepoint Bay, the monster hunters kept a close eye on Tiragarde Sound's westernmost sea gate, integral to the kingdom's security.

At the same time as the Kul Tiran civil war, Anglepoint Wharf and the nearby bay became gradually corrupted by dark forces of immense power. With the help of Alliance heroes, the betrayal of Director Deepwarden was uncovered and his followers' influence gradually pushed back. The Outriggers in particular focused on culling any corrupted monsters in Anglepoint Bay, while also targeting eggs twisted by dark magic.[4]

In one final attack, a colossal kraken known as Viq'Goth directly assaulted the walls of Anglepoint's sea gate. Led by Rosaline Madison, the Outriggers would man the harbor defenses and rain death down upon the sea terror. After a fierce battle, the kraken retreated, signalling victory for the defenders.[5]


The Outriggers confront Viq'Goth




Concept art of the Proudmoore monster hunter that became the Outriggers


  • In terms of equipment, the Outriggers count boats, cannons, and harpoons among their arsenal.
  • Like most Kul Tirans, the Outriggers seek the blessing of a tidesage before embarking on an expedition out to sea.[6]