Overlook (Battle for Gilneas)

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For the location in Hellfire Peninsula, see The Overlook.
The Overlook from above (one can see the Waterworks in the background).

The Overlook is one of the areas of the Battle for Gilneas battleground. Unlike most of the named areas in the zone, the Overlook is not a capture point. It is located near the center of the map and overlooks (as the name would imply) the Gilnean Coast road, and a back roadway that is rarely used around its cliffs.

It is in between of the Lighthouse and the Mines, and it is not uncommon to see minor scraps between the Horde and Alliance due to its location.


  • There are what appear to be ruins of old buildings within the Overlook.
  • There is a bit of mist over this area for some reason.
  • While it is possible to just be coincidence, there seems to be a nod to each town from the Gilneas zone in the Battle for Gilneas. The Overlook may be a nod to the Headlands in Gilneas or possibly Pyrewood Village given the mist, ruins, and darker shade of grass in the area.

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