Overseer Elaglo

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HordeOverseer Elaglo
Image of Overseer Elaglo
Gender Male
Race Orc (Humanoid)
Level ?? Elite
Class Warrior
Health 5,909,115
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) True Horde, Kor'kron
Occupation Overseer of the Ragefire Caverns
Location Ragefire Caverns
Status Killable (WoW)

Overseer Elaglo is an Kor'kron overseer that patrolled around Orgrimmar, keeping an eye out for subversive types and rabble-rousers. He acts as the final boss of Secrets of Ragefire. He was involved withthe kidnappings in Durotar and the experiments going on within the caverns, aided by Dark Shaman Xorenth. He is an orc supremacist and is steadfastly loyal to the "true Horde", believing that it must be purified of the lesser races. When the Gob Squad discovered the operation, he and his soldiers attempted to kill them.


  • Charge - Charges at an enemy.
  • Heroic Leap - Leap at a target, inflicting physical damage at the impact location.
  • Shattering Stomp - Stomps the ground, causing the earth to shatter beneath the caster.


Overseer Elaglo is preceded by three waves of Kor'kron soldiers. Elaglo's fight is a simple one that mainly consists of not standing in the fire, or shattered earth, as the case may be.



  • "Out of the way, peasant!"
  • "The true Horde will rule all of Azeroth."
  • "The Warchief calls."

Secrets of Ragefire

  • Overseer Elaglo yells: You will never escape these caverns!
  • Overseer Elaglo yells: The true Horde, the pure Horde, cannot be stopped!
  • Patch yells: Recruits! You're the only ones left that can fight!
Kor'kron Waves
  • Overseer Elaglo yells: Destroy them! FOR THE HORDE!
  • Patch yells: Defend us until the teleporter is ready!
  • Overseer Elaglo yells: Fools! The true Horde cannot be stopped by the likes of you!


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