Overseer Nuaar

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NeutralOverseer Nuaar
Image of Overseer Nuaar
Gender Male
Race Draenei (Humanoid)
Level 67
Health 5,700
Mana 2,933
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Near Evergrove, Blade's Edge Mountains

Overseer Nuaar can be found in Blade's Edge Mountains From [62.5, 45] to [57.5, 37.9] to [62.8, 27.8]. He patrols a route that starts south east of the Evergrove and finishes north west. He is relatively easy to find by following the route he takes and using the "/target overseer" command. He's an overseer of the Wyrmcult.


Speaking to him is required for N [67] A Time for Negotiation...

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