Package of Identified Plants

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A Package of Identified Plants contains many consumables, vendor trash, and herbs.

It can also contain [Uncatalogued Species], which starts a new quest.


This item is rewarded from the quest N [63] Plants of Zangarmarsh and the repeatable quest N [64] Identify Plant Parts.


To complete the quests, turn in 10 [Unidentified Plant Parts] to Lauranna Thar'well at Cenarion Refuge. The quests also rewards 250 reputation with the Cenarion Expedition.


This item can contain:

Name Amount Drop %
[Edible Stalks] 1-6 53
[Common Azerothian Species] 1-8 50
[Common Fern] 1-6 50
[Edible Fern] 1-6 35
[Common Flower] 1-2 35
[Ruined Specimen] 1-2 35
[Uncatalogued Species] 1 5

And various Azeroth herbs.

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