Paint it Black (Horde)

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HordePaint it Black
Start Mallia
End Mallia
Level 84 (Requires 84)
Category Twilight Highlands
Experience 55200
Reputation +250 Dragonmaw Clan
Rewards  [Diamond Clutching Gloves] or  [Heartstone Treads] or  [Legplates of Riven Futures]
Previous H [84] Crushing the Wildhammer
H [84] Drag 'em Down
H [84] Total War
H [84] War Forage
Next H [84] The Weeping Wound


Acquire a Black Diamond Heart.


The ground bleeds, <class>. They tear it open, as one would gouge flesh.

These cultists relish their secrecy but the very elementals they use for their misdeeds can betray them. Seek out Obsidian Stoneslaves northeast of here, among the ruined earth we have named the Black Breach.

Shatter their bodies and find for me a perfect heart of black diamond. I will look into this heart. And I will bare its soul.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv gauntlets cloth cataclysm b 02.png [Diamond Clutching Gloves] Inv boots leather cataclysm b 02.png [Heartstone Treads]
Inv pants plate cataclysm b 02.png [Legplates of Riven Futures]

You will also receive: 9g


The heart. A stone heart, of purest black. Have you found one?


<Mallia removes her eyepatch and holds the black diamond before her empty eye socket.>

What have we, what have we - breaches, the breaches number three. Two heads, one wholly given to its master. I see the future. A hammer united. A mountain shattered. Oh - OH!

<Mallia drops the diamond to the floor, covering her face with her hands.>


  1. H [84] The Northern Flank
  2. Complete all of:
  3. H [84] Narkrall, the Drake-Tamer
  4. Complete all of:
  5. Complete all of:
    • The Eye of Twilight:
    1. H [84] A Vision of Twilight
    2. H [84] We All Must Sacrifice
    3. H [84] The Eyes Have It
    4. H [84] Eye Spy
    • The Demon Chain:
    1. H [84] Bait and Throttle
    2. H [84] How to Maim Your Dragon
    3. H [84] The Demon Chain
    4. H [84] Fury Unbound
  6. H [85] Purple is Your Color & H [85] Dressed to Kill
  7. H [85] Whispers in the Wind & H [85] Thog's Nightlight & H [85] Night Terrors

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