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The elements of Pandaria can be cute and playful, until their homeland is threatened.[1]

Pandaren spirits,[2] or ancient spirits, are elementals that exist on Pandaria and the Wandering Isle, representing the heart of its elemental powers.[3] Most of them protect their element in various locations and have done so for thousands of years.

Though fire spirits appear to be a vaguely-related cousin to the  [Cinder Kitten], the two creatures actually share no ancestry.[4]

The playful water spirits have a curious connection to the weather.[5] They are especially mischievous, and are known to frequent the canals of the Stormstout Brewery.[6]


Wandering Isle

These four elemental spirits protect the turtle and the people on it:

  •  Dafeng <Ancient Spirit of Air>
  •  Wugou <Ancient Spirit of Earth>
  •  Huo <Ancient Spirit of Fire>
  •  Shu <Ancient Spirit of Water>

As a companion pet

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