Panic at the Brewery

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NeutralPanic at the Brewery

110 (Requires 110)




2000 Order Resources
38g 80s




N Monk [110] A Brewing Situation


N Monk [110] Storming the Legion


Help Almai find Brewmaster Blanche and defend Stormstout Brewery.

  • Speak with Tak-Tak to secure a ride to Stormstout Brewery
  • Stormstout Brewery saved


We were not prepared for a surprise attack. I fear Brewmaster Blanche has been captured, or worse...

Please help me, Grandmaster!


You will receive: 38g 80s

You will also receive: 2000 Order Resources


How could this have happened to us; to me? I never thought I would die so young... and so violently...

We have tried to Detox our fallen friends, but this poison is too advanced.

I cannot rest while our order's very survival is still at stake. I am so sorry I let you down, Grandmaster <name>.




Quest accept
Brewer Almai says: Thank you. I will meet you there!
Gossip Take me to Stormstout Brewery.

Stage 1: Knock Knock...

  • Door opened
Brewer Almai says: Grandmaster Yin, thank you for coming so quickly. Help me open this door!

Stage 2: Detoxification

Brewer Almai says: Let's head in.
Brewer Almai says: Our poor brewers! Perhaps using Detox will help them.

Look for any friendly NPCs that are surrounded by neon-green energies and use [Detox] on them. The barrels will always have a Wyrmtongue Extractor nearby. In the meanwhile, Brewer Almai will engage in some small talk.

  • Brewer Almai says: I had hoped we'd be safe here. Until recently, the Legion didn't even know we existed.
  • Brewer Almai says: How did the Legion learn about our Storm Brew? We've kept its existence quiet...
  • Brewer Almai says: Do you think the demons have any idea what will happen if they drink the Storm Brew?
A Wrymtongue Extractor drinks from a barrel of Storm Brew.
Wrymtongue Extractor says: Uh oh...
The demon is overcome by the power of the brew and dies.

Although it is possible to jump down from the upper floor, doing so is not recommended if you have low item level equipment. Head outside instead and follow the short bridge curving down to the ground floor's entrance.

Stage 3: Maniacal Laughter...

  • Front Door Opened
A cackle is suddenly heard from somewhere.
Brewer Almai says: Do you hear that? We better see what's happening outside!

If you time it right, you can get by Il'ruxx without having to fight the doomguard.

Brewer Almai says: I don't see the brewmaster anywhere. Could she have made it out?
Brewer Almai says: Over here! We need to get this door open.

Destroy the door and then make your way through a couple mobs to reach the door leading to the outside.

Brewer Almai says: Last door! Hurry!

Stage 4: Chug It!

  • Drink the Storm Brew
Brewer Almai says: I've never seen so many demons in one place! Our only chance is to drink the Storm Brew.
Brewer Almai says: It's risky, but a small taste should give us just the boost we need. Bottoms up!

Stage 5: Demon Overload

  • Legion Portals closed (3)
The monk adventurer and Almai consume the brew. Everything suddenly takes on a bluish haze and the demons appear to move slowly.
Brewer Almai says: Maybe we overdid it... We're going to feel awful when it wears off! At least closing the portals should be a walk in the park!

Don't bother with engaging the mobs, just look for the portals and close them.

Final Stage: Brewmasters Attack!

Brewer Almai says: Brewmaster! Hang on! We're coming!
Brewmaster Blanche says: Step on the rune. Hurry!
Brewmaster Blanche says: Grandmaster, you have done better than I expected. Seems I will have to deal with you myself!
Brewer Almai says: Brewmaster? What are you talking about? We've been searching everywhere for you!
Brewmaster Blanche says: Almai, your naivete is so refreshing. Pity you must die!
Brewmaster Blanche suddenly transforms into a dreadlord. It was an illusion!
Varagol the Coercer yells: Your existence is at an end, mortals!

While his Wall of Doom and Mind Wrack are irritating, it's Varagol's Blood Wake ability that really hurts. When he uses Blood Wake, be careful to kite the AoE until it dissipates.

The monk adventurer and Almai slay the dreadlord, but not before Varagol makes a final proclamation.
Varagol the Coercer says: My work is complete, puny monks. Your order has already fallen!
Brewer Almai says: What... What just happened? What did she mean? Grandmaster, we must return to the temple at once! Let me know when you're ready!

Speak to Almai.

We need to return to the Temple of Five Dawns! Let me know when you're ready!.
Gossip Let's go.

Upon returning to the temple, it's clear that something has already happened.

Brewer Almai says: Brewmaster? You tried to kill us!
Iron-Body Ponshu says: Blanche! Explain yourself! The entire order is dying!
Spirit of Brewmaster Blanche says: The dreadlord attacked me, poisoned my Celebration Brew, and stole my form...
Spirit of Brewmaster Blanche says: I came to warn you as fast as I could. I was too late...
Brewer Almai says: I... I brought the poisoned brew here. If only I had checked it first...
Iron-Body Ponshu says: It was... not your fault, Almai! But... we must hurry... to find a cure. Some have already succumbed...


  1. N Monk [110] A Brewing Situation
  2. N Monk [110] Panic at the Brewery
  3. N Monk [110] Storming the Legion
  4. Complete all of:
  5. N Monk [110] Hope For a Cure
  6. N Monk [110] Not Felling Well
  7. N Monk [110] A Time for Everything
  8. N Monk [110] Champion: Almai

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