Eternal Ones

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This article is about rulers of the Shadowlands realms. For the Pantheon of the titans, see Pantheon. For the RPG immortal beings term, see Eternal.

The Eternal Ones, sometimes described as the Pantheon of Death, are the rulers of the Shadowlands. They each lead their own Covenant and realm. The Pantheon of Death established the Shadowlands as we know them.[1] They form a council that maintains the machine of Death.[2]


Name Covenant Realm
Neutral IconSmall Arbiter.gif The Arbiter[2] None Oribos
Kyrian sigil.png IconSmall Kyrestia.gif Kyrestia the Firstborne Kyrian Bastion
Night Fae sigil.png IconSmall WinterQueen.gif The Winter Queen Night Fae Ardenweald
Venthyr sigil.png IconSmall Denathrius.gif Sire Denathrius Venthyr Revendreth
Necrolord sigil.png IconSmall Unknown.gif The Primus Necrolords Maldraxxus
Mob IconSmall TheJailer.gif Zovaal Mawsworn The Maw