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Paragon of the Dreamweavers

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NeutralParagon of the Dreamweavers
Start Automatic
End Sylvia Hartshorn
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Val'sharah
Rewards  [Antler of Cenarius]


Speak with Sylvia Hartshorn in Val'sharah.


The grateful druids of the Dreamweavers have requested your presence. They wish to reward you for your exceptional aid.


You will receive:
Trade archaeology antleredcloakclasp.png [Antler of Cenarius]


Greetings <class order title> <name>.

For some time now you have been a Paragon to Nature and to our people. Our gratitude goes beyond anything mere words can define.

Take these trophies as a token of our gratitude and a share in the spoils of war. The more you aid us, the more we can provide you.



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