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Parting Mists

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HordeParting Mists

120 (Requires 120)




2g 34s


H [120] Telaamon's Purge



Ride with Princess Talanji and destroy the Alliance fleet.


It be time ta face de main Alliance fleet. Dey be on da beachhead nearby.

I can be feelin' da dark voodoo from dat fog nearby. Princess Talanji be wantin' ta destroy dat mojo as soon as we can.

I can be gettin' us outta dis cave real fast, den we be ridin' with da princess and Rakera ta put an end ta all dis.


You will receive:

  • 2g 34s
  • 1,800 XP


We must move.


I do not like dis, <name>. We must investigate further.


On accept
Rokhan says: We be ridin' da winds ta get outta here.
Jo'chunga says: ... I think I will walk.
Rokhan and Witch Doctor Kejabu run towards the wind. Jo'chunga walks away.
Parting Mists 1.jpg
Riding to the Far Reach
General Rakera says: Princess Talanji, de source of de fog is de artifact de Horde champion stole from de Kul Tirans.
Princess Talanji says: How could dat be? It was given to my father and placed within de treasury.
General Rakera says: I just received a report dat de treasury was broken into. De Alliance must have stolen de artifact.
Princess Talanji says: Den we will use de artifact against dem. It limits both our visions and theirs.
Princess Talanji says: When de fog lifts, I will unleash my power upon de Alliance fleet until our support arrives.
Parting Mists 2.jpg
Speaking with Talanji
Gossip Princess Talanji, I'm ready to face the Alliance, let's recover the Abyssal Scepter.
Princess Talanji says: Prepare yourselves, when de fog lifts, we will charge de fleet, and Raal shall assault dem with our aerial forces!
Princess Talanji says: Something is not right... de magic in dis artifact is not being dispelled!
Princess Talanji says: De only option left is to destroy dis artifact to remove de fog... curse de Alliance for dis trap!
The flog clears, the Mysterious Fog debuff is removed.
Princess Talanji says: ... Nothing? Where is de army? De fleet?
Parting Mists 3.jpg
Parting Mists 4.jpg
Upon completion
A scene plays.
Rokhan says: Dis be givin' me a bad feelin'. Why bring da fog if dere be no ships ta hide?
Princess Talanji says: It does not make sense. Unless... dey wanted us to be in Nazmir...
They see smoke coming from Zuldazar.
Princess Talanji says: Dey have deceived us! My father stands alone to defend de city!
Rokhan says: Dose Alliance snakes!
Princess Talanji says: Our home is under siege! Return to Zuldazar at once!
The scene ends, the Horde army runs to the south. Hexlord Raal arrives to Rakera.
Hexlord Raal says: What happened? Why is de army leaving? I got an entire army of pterrordaxes coming here!


  1. H [120] War Is Here
  2. H [120] Ride of the Zandalari
  3. H [120] No One Left Behind & H [120] A Path of Blood
  4. H [120] Retaking the Outpost
  5. H [120] Putting the Gob in Gob Squad & H [120] Re-rebuilding the A.F.M.O.D. / H Rogue [120] Minesweeper
  6. H [120] It's Alive!
  7. H [120] The Battle of Zul'jan Ruins
  8. H [120] We Have Them Cornered
  9. H [120] Zandalari Justice, H [120] None Shall Escape & H [120] Breaking Mirrors
  10. H [120] Telaamon's Purge
  11. H [120] Parting Mists
  12. H [120] Fly Out to Meet Them

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