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HordeParting Packages
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Level 84 (Requires 84)
Category Twilight Highlands
Experience 55200
Reputation +250 Bilgewater Cartel
Rewards  [Sharkshield Cover]
 [Repair Crew Treads]
 [Krazzworks Climbing Belt]
Previous H [84] Off The Wall
Next H [84] Krazz Works!


Set bombs on the boat, in the keep entrance, and in one of the northern towers.

  • Highbank boat bomb placed
  • Highbank keep bomb placed
  • Highbank tower bomb placed

Provided item:


I'm sure Patch has some grand scheme in mind, but this wouldn't be an assault if we didn't leave some explosive presents behind.

Get down there and plant some of these explosives on the boat, in the keep entrance, and in one of those northern towers. That should be enough to leave them reeling.

We're heading down to the ground as well. Meet us at the eastern tower when you're through.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv helmet cloth cataclysm b 02.png [Sharkshield Cover] Inv boots mail 17.png [Repair Crew Treads]
Inv belt plate cataclysm b 02.png [Krazzworks Climbing Belt]

You will also receive: 9g


Did you share the love?


Hahah! Wonderful show.

That should be a proper welcome to the highlands.


Twilight Highlands map
Boat @ 81.53, 78.76
Tower @ 80.03, 72.44
Keep @ 79.83, 77.36


  1. H [84] The Southern Flank
  2. H [84] Blood on the Sand & H [84] Scouting the Shore
  3. H [84] Mo' Better Shredder
  4. H [84] Krazzworks
  5. Complete all of:
  6. H [84] Everything But the Kitchen Sink
  7. H [84] Reprisal
  8. H [84] Off The Wall
  9. Complete all of:
  10. H [84] Krazz Works!

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