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Patch 0.9.1

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Patch 0.9.1
Release date (US)

August 24, 2004



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Highlights & notes
  • Bug fixes
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Patch 0.9 Patch 0.10
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World of Warcraft Client Patch 0.9.1

  • Applies some changes to the current patcher tool.
  • Fixed not being able to use GM petition categories.
  • Fixed several Win9x floating point exception crashes.
  • Speed improvement to some character texture loading.
  • Certain mobs that were not able to defend themselves will now fight back.
  • Being attacked will no longer knock you out of plains running
  • Arcane missiles only get a chance at the free cast on the first missile instead of every missile.
  • There was a bug with rogue ability Riposte. The UI might still be incorrect.
  • Damage for Shaman Fire Totem was incorrect. Should be correct now.