Patch 1.8.1

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Patch 1.8.1
Release date

October 25, 2005

Initial version


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Patch 1.8.1 was released on October 25, 2005.


  • Players can now turn in their old Battleground victory tokens, such as the Arathi Resource Crate, for the new Marks of Honor implemented in 1.8. These exchange quests are available on the new Horde Warbringers and Alliance Brigadier Generals, respectively.
  • Certain geometry exploits in Arathi Basin have been fixed.


  • The tooltip on the Lightforged Blade has been updated to correctly show its minimum level requirement of 47 and its Bind on Acquire status.

User Interface

  • Fonts should once again display properly.
  • Fixed bug preventing UI scripting error messages from wrapping.
  • Fixed per-character saved variables for non-English character names.